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Yaruba was a male individual who ruled as king of the planet Kessel from at least 19 BBY[2] to at least 10 BBY.[1] Due to the proximity of the Pyke Syndicate, who were based on nearby Oba Diah, they were able to forcibly enter into Kessel's spice scheme and strike a deal with Yaruba, which allowed them to be the lone exploiter of resources harvested from the sacrificed side of the planet.[1] Yaruba was served by the majordomo Kinash Lock, who frequently dealt with visitors, such as pilots hired to transport spice, in his employer's stead. When Rafa Martez inquired if she would ever get to meet the king, Lock told her that it was contingent on her coming to be considered a reliable transporter of spice and being offered a permanent contract for the work.[3]



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