"Acolyte, may I speak with you for a moment? There was another acolyte not too long ago who entered this tomb and did not come back. [...] I just thought it would be nice if somebody took his body back and told his father he didn't make it."

Yashia was a Human female Imperial soldier who served under the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War. In 3643 BBY, she was stationed on Korriban, guarding the entrance to the Tomb of Naga Sadow. She asked an acolyte to recover the body of another fallen acolyte (and also son of a Dark Honor Guard named Naman Fal stationed in the same planet), who went inside the Tomb and never left.


"The Acolyte who went in there, he - he was a good sort. Friendly and talkative. He said he was entering the tomb to prove himself to his father."

Yashia was a good-natured and empathetic Imperial soldier who occasionally held conversations with the Sith Acolytes of the Korriban academy coming across the Tomb of Naga Sadow.[2]

"If you have no pity for the boy, think of the father then and the prestige you could gain from doing this. His father is a powerful man."

Yashia seemed to pity the fallen acolyte, therefore having cared a lot about his fate. The idea of his body rotting away in the tomb seemed to displease her quite a lot. Therefore, Yashia had reached out politely towards another acolyte and persuaded this one through claiming the acolyte would gain prestige as reward.[2]

"I'd never survive in there, and even if I did, I wouldn't be allowed to see his father. He is a dark honor guard stationed in the Academy. None but Sith can ever set foot on the sacred ground where he stands watch."

She was very dutyful and well-versed in the rules of Korriban, such as not being allowed to step into the sacred grounds[2]

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Sentry Yashia serves as a quest-giver on Korriban for "Grave Robbing" in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[2] Some parts of the conversation vary depending on the player's choices.



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