The Yashuvhi were descendants of Humans who had attempted to settle the planet Yashuvhu in the millennia past. According to Chiss records, the Human population arrived a little more than three thousand years prior to its rediscovery by Luke Skywalker,[1] though they may have arrived even earlier in history.[2] The Human population lost contact with the rest of the galaxy and began to form their own culture and society, becoming self-sufficient. One such change was linguistically, in which the Yashuvhi language evolved. Upon their arrival, the crew of the Galactic Republic exploration vessel Pathfinder III discovered that the Yashuvhi language was a heavily evolved derivative of Galactic Basic Standard. During their first contact mission, the crew also discovered that the Yashuvhi were of sizable population but scattered across the planet.[2]

The Yashuvhi had a Force-based tradition which stemmed from the arrival of a Jedi millennia prior to their rediscovery. This Jedi, was believed to have been Human crashed onto the planet and became stranded. He settled within the Yashuvhi society and started a family. The Jedi wrote a "sacred scroll" with a few lines of the Jedi Code, which would be passed on to his descendants. The Jedi's family started a bloodline of Force Adepts who were talented, but untrained. One such descendant was Valara Saar, who would eventually become one of the planet's key spiritual leaders and protectors.[2]

Yashuvhu was rediscovered by the Republic in the years prior to the Clone Wars. The Pathfinder III landed on the planet on a first contact exploration mission. The Yashuvhi population flocked towards the crew, desiring to know if they were Jedi who had come to live among them. The first-contact specialists tried to teach the natives about the Jedi and learn about the people as well.[2]

Valara Saar convinced the crew of Pathfinder III to take her offworld with the hope of becoming a Jedi. Even though she learned some basic skills, she was not able to join the Order. She wandered the galaxy briefly, but ultimately resettled in the Yashaka Mountains. There, in a small isolated hut, she became a teacher of the Force to those on Yashuvhu and was known as the "Prophetess."[2] She was also responsible for protecting her planet from a threatening Chiss Ascendancy who had also discovered the world. Initially, Saar did not meet with the leaders of the Chiss advance landing party. When the Chiss tried to approach her residence in the mountains uninvited, they were forced away by her formidable techniques.[2][1] The Chiss contact team fled in a hasty retreat. During the confrontation with the Chiss, she wielded what appeared to be a lightsaber. The entire event was documented by the Chiss after their retreat.[1]

By the broader galactic community, the planet was largely forgotten by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Yashuvhu was later rediscovered by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and a team of Jedi who were searching for Zonama Sekot in 28 ABY. During their search, the team of Jedi did research at the Chiss Expeditionary Library on Csilla. In the process of their research, the teachings of Valara Saar were discovered. Also included in the Cheunh text was how the Chiss had been expelled from the planet by the "Prophetess" known as Valara Saar.[1]



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