The Yavaris was an escort frigate in the Alliance Fleet and New Republic Navy. When the New Republic attacked Maw Installation, it served as the command ship for General Wedge Antilles. During the Darksaber crisis, it was, once again, Antilles's flagship, and served by the science officer Qwi Xux. Its escort fleet included six CR90 corvettes and the Dodonna.



The Yavaris

It is unknown how the Yavaris entered into the service of the Alliance Fleet but it was prior to 4 ABY. The escort frigate would later gather with the rest of the Fleet at Sullust prior to the assault on the Second Death Star. Somehow the Yavaris had survived the battle and most of the war to serve in the New Republic Navy.

In 11 ABY, the ship would later be under the command of General Wedge Antilles, who was in command of the attack on the Maw Installation with four CR90 corvettes in order to gain the secrets there as well as capture the scientist that had been hidden in the Maw Cluster for the last decade after their protection had left. During the assault, two corvettes were sent to attack it but due to the reveal of a new superweapon called an MCPS that destroyed one of them but the other corvette was able to knock out the station before firing another shot. The Yavaris would later engage the badly damaged Gorgon along with the two remaining corvettes along with X-wing, Y-wings and five Gamma-class assault shuttles before it destroyed the Maw Installation and downloaded the schematics of the superweapons that were in development there.

A year later, the Yavaris would do a mock New Republic war game, once more it served as Antilles's flagship while Qwi Xux served as science officer. The escort frigate would be joined by the Assault Frigate Dodonna and six CR90 corvettse against Admiral Gial Ackbar's task force consisting of his flagship the MC90 Star Cruiser Galactic Voyager and four Corellian gunships over Nal Hutta to scare the Hutts. Antilles would win the combat exercise by using a tactic devised and named after the esteemed Admiral, the Ackbar Slash allowing his ships to cut through Ackbar's forces and have the Galactic Voyager along with all gunships "destroyed" while only two CR90 corvettes were "destroyed" on his side. Before another mock battle could be done they were sent to intercept the Darksaber and save General Crix Madine but failed to save the General in time.



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