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Yavin 13 was one of the three habitable moons of Yavin Prime.


A cacti forest

Yavin 13 had a hot and arid climate, and was mainly covered in deserts, rocky plains and cacti forests. However, the moon also had grassy plains and much of its southern hemisphere was covered by open, shallow seas which spread what little moisture there was on the moon into the atmosphere.

Yavin 13's surface also resembled Byss cheese from space. Yavin 13's two sentient species were the rodentlike Gerbs and the serpentine Slith species.

Society and history[]

Yavin 13 had no planetary government and was instead governed by separate tribes. Due to its remote location in the Outer Rim, Yavin 13 had no allegiance to any galactic government though it was occasionally visited by treasure hunters including the Rodian Suz Tanwa, who became a famed xenoarchaeologist in the New Republic era.

The Slith had a nomadic hunter-gatherer society and were mainly concentrated on the moon's rocky regions while the Gerbs lived in tiny communities in underground warrens and farmed the moon's grasslands. The two separate species were able to live in peace and often left each other alone. Both species also knew nothing or little about offworld affairs and technology since none had left Yavin 13.

Following the capture of the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 by the Peace Brigade and the Yuuzhan Vong in 26 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong exterminated all life on Yavin 13, wiping out both the Gerbs and Sliths.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Star Wars (1977) 5 was the first source to indicate that only three of Yavin Prime's moons could support life.



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