"Academy to Yavin Runner II, do you copy?"
Luke Skywalker contacting the ship[src]

The Yavin Runner II was one of a number of shuttles that served the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.

History[edit | edit source]

Interior of the Yavin Runner II as seen from the cockpit.

In 14 ABY, while bringing a group of new students to the Praxeum from Coruscant, the Yavin Runner II was shot down by Tavion Axmis as a diversion. It crashed several kilometers west of a Massassi Temple. The students were unharmed but had to be picked up by a shuttle. In the meantime, Alora, one of Tavion's cultists infiltrated the Academy and sliced into Luke's records.

A shuttle similar to the Yavin Runner II was later flown by Jaden Korr on a rescue mission to Blenjeel. The ship crashed in an electric storm but Korr was able to repair it with parts from the ship he came to rescue.

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