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Yavin Station was a space station that had been built in orbit around the gas giant of Yavin Prime.


Built during the Great Sith War, the station was a Galactic Republic service and supply depot. After the defeat of Exar Kun and the bombing of Exar's stronghold on Yavin 4, the station was abandoned.

A former Rodian slave of Exar's forces, known as Suvam Tan, took up residence in the station, using it as a base for scavenging on Yavin 4. He would trade the salvage with Trandoshans and smugglers that came through, in exchange for food and supplies.

During the Jedi Civil War, Revan encountered Yavin Station and Suvam. In exchange for Revan's help against the Trandoshans (who had grown unruly due to Davik Kang's death), Suvam supplied the Jedi with a variety of powerful and rare equipment.

Eventually, Yavin Station began to crumble. Suvam hid several of his most prized possessions on locations on the three habitable moons of Yavin, and sent a data crystal containing the information to his son on Rodia. The station was still intact by the time of the Galactic War three centuries later, but sometime after that, the station exploded, propelling it into Yavin 22.

The station and Suvam's body were discovered in 0 BBY by his descendant, Suz Tanwa.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Yavin: The Big Red One" originally stated that the station was destroyed shortly after the Jedi Civil War, but Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan shows the station intact over three centuries afterwards. As the station is found in 0 BBY on Yavin 22, this article assumes that the station still exploded sometime after Shadow of Revan.



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