"As you wish, your saber is somewhere in the ruined temple to the South. To find it, you'll need to utilize your primary Force skills."
―Luke Skywalker to Kyle Katarn[src]

The Yavin training grounds was used by the Jedi of the New Jedi Order to hone their skills. A labyrinth of old Massassi ruins located to the South of the Great Temple, the training grounds offered Jedi students plenty of opportunity to improve their skills in Force Jump, Force pull, Force push, and Force speed. With an inventory of remotes and Jedi training droids, the training grounds also offered opportunities to practice lightsaber combat.[1]

In 12 ABY, Luke Skywalker hid Kyle Katarn's lightsaber in the ruins as a test. If his skills were enough to retrieve the saber, then he would be entitled to use it.[2] Katarn would later return and use the ruins to train other students, including Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin.[1]

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