A Ycaqt was a large, frog-like creature native to the planet Velmor. They ran on their two massive hind legs and had either plain orange or gold skin with black spots.


Standing approximately three meters high, they were often fitted with saddles and prepared for royal ceremonial games known as Mrid Hunts.

Prince Denid of Velmor and Princess Leia Organa (posing as Lady Loren) participated in one of the Mrid Hunts as part of a greater scheme to win Denid back his throne. Luke Skywalker, disguised as a bounty hunter named Korl Marcus, likewise rode an Ycaqt when he tried to warn Leia about an assassination attempt perpetuated by Prince Anod and his regent, Zelor. Later, the addle-brained Jedidiah rode an Ycaqt in an effort to save Luke Skywalker's life.

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