"Yer little friend is kind of agitated."
―A Ychthytonian, on R2-D2[src]

The Ychthytonians were a sentient species of four-armed beings native to the Ychthyton system. They were part of the galactic community by 0 ABY and were part of the New Republic by 14 ABY. One notable Ychthytonian was the bartender Bômlas, who worked in the asteroid belt Smuggler's Run, a hideout for hundreds of smugglers.

Biology and appearance[]

The Ychthytonians were a species of four-armed sentients. They had ears and vocal structures that enabled them to speak Galactic Basic Standard.[3]


"Got a special order for, get this, Ychthytonian tunics! I'd never heard of them. But I found someone who has a pattern, and I need you to get it."
―A buyer of Ychthytonian tunics, to a spacer[src]

The Ychthytonians were native to the Ychthyton system, located in the Belderone sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] They were participants in the galactic community by 0 ABY and were part of the New Republic in 14 ABY.[3] Following the Battle of Yavin, a buyer put in a special order for Ychthytonian tunics.[4]

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The individual had never heard of them before, but they found someone who had a pattern, and contracted the services of a spacer to receive the delivery in exchange for credits. Because of the Ychthytonian's four arms, the tunics made excellent tablecloths. After receiving the Ychthytonian tunic pattern, the buyer remarked that the tunic could even cover a table's legs, which the purchaser deemed as "overkill."[4]

When Leia Organa Solo resigned from her position as Chief of State of the Republic due to allegations that her husband, the smuggler-turned-general Han Solo, had been somehow involved in the Senate bombing that occurred that year, her role was filled by Mon Mothma. A male Ychthytonian was among the well-wishers, senator's aides, and employment seekers that gathered in Mothma's anteroom to offer their congratulations. Also in the room at the time were the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, who believed they had uncovered the source of the bombing. The latter concealed himself behind the Ychthytonian from a Kloperian guard he had encountered earlier. When C-3PO almost announced their findings to all present in the waiting room, R2-D2 screeched to get him to stop, causing the Ychthytonian to use all four hands to cover his ears in discomfort. When R2-D2 then fled the anteroom, the Ychthytonian pointed the protocol droid in the direction of his missing counter-part.[3]

Ychthytonians in the galaxy[]

Some Ychthytonians found work in the galaxy as bartenders, taking advantage of their four arms to deliver drinks quickly.[3] In 0 ABY, a Ychthytonian worked as a bartender in Kislov's Gambling Palace, located on the planet Tythe. A gloomy individual, he utilized all four hands to serve his patrons their alcohol and caf.[5] Another Ychthytonian bartender was Bômlas. He was infamous for having bet and lost one of his arms[3] in a particularly savage game of sabacc;[6] however he was still the fastest bartender known to Han Solo. In 14 ABY he worked at a bar on Skip One, an asteroid located in Smuggler's Run and frequented by smugglers and other fringers.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Ychthytonians were created by Kristine Kathryn Rusch for her novel The New Rebellion, published in 1995.[3] They received mentions in a number of reference books,[1][6][7][8] and a mention in the 2003 LucasArtsSony Online Entertainment MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, prior to its closure in 2011.[4][9] Early in the game's lifespan, dynamically spawned non-player characters could offer a mission titled It's Sew Easy, in which players were tasked with retrieving and delivering a Ychthytonian tunic pattern.[4] However, Ychthytonian's would not appear again until Rebel Force: Renegade, written by Alex Wheeler in 2009.[5]



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