Ye-4 gunships, also called Imperial Gunboats, were heavily armed gunships employed by the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


Two X-wings attacking a Ye-4

Two vertical stabilizers protruded from the top and bottom of the ship's rear. It was armed with six turret weapons that could effortlessly destroy enemy starfighters. Two of its weapons were forward-firing, two were able to fire in a 180 degree arc above the ship, one was mounted aft to fire at pursuing vessels, while the last was mounted under the cockpit section to cover the gunship's belly.

The ship's design was similar to Sienar Fleet Systems' Sentinel-class landing craft.


Ye-4 gunships were designed by Sienar Fleet Systems specifically for patrolling the Kessel system.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ye-4 gunships, also called gunboats, were mid-sized ships introduced in the Jump to Lightspeed expansion of Star Wars Galaxies as NPC ships. They were mainly found in deep space and the Kessel system, but occasionally appeared in other star systems as well.

With the introduction of Chapter 8 in January 2008 the Ye-4 became a multiplayer ship available to Imperial ace pilots. It was one of several ships made playable in Chapter 8 along with the X4 Gunship, the AEG-77 Vigo, and the N-1 starfighter.[4]



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