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"All of life involves risks that may come to nothing."
―Yeeru Chivkyrie[src]

Yeeru Chivkyrie was a male Adarian from the planet Shelkonwa in the Shelsha sector. During the early years of the Galactic Civil War, he was the head of a Rebel Alliance organization named Republic Redux. In 0 ABY, Shelsha sector's Chief Administrator, Vilim Disra, told him that Governor Barshnis Choard planned to make the sector independent and eventually ally with the Rebel Alliance. Chivkyrie's colleagues, Thillis Slanni and Ydor Vokkoli, distrusted Disra and a conflict resulted, which Leia Organa—as a representative of the Rebel Alliance—tried to resolve. Due to missing information, they visited Disra, who left the meeting shortly after the beginning of the conversation. At that point, Chivkyrie realized that Disra had betrayed them and as a consequence, he hid himself and Organa from the local Imperial patrols. When Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, was informed about Organa's whereabouts and started to search for her, Chivkyrie split up with her and hid in Shelkonwa's catacombs.


Yeeru Chivkyrie was born on the planet Shelkonwa into a second-class family. His rank curbed certain aspects of his life—he always had to be polite to first-class individuals, and was not allowed to speak in a language that a member of a higher rank did not understand. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Chivkyrie founded an organization called Republic Redux to fight the Empire. Republic Redux later became a member of the Rebel Alliance. Around 0 ABY, Chivkyrie met several times with Vilim Disra, the Chief Administrator of the Shelsha sector. Disra told him that Governor Barshnis Choard planned to make the Shelsha sector independent. In addition, Disra said he could imagine cooperating with the Rebel Alliance. Being thrilled by this idea, he told his colleagues Thillis Slanni and Ydor Vokkoli of the plan. However, they saw a lot of risk in this plan and distrusted Disra. Both were strictly against the idea and threatened to abandon the Rebel Alliance. To resolve the conflict, Leia Organa was sent to Chivkyrie's ship to mediate the dispute.

Chivkyrie told Organa what Disra had said to him during their meetings. Organa, who saw some advantages in this plan, wanted to know how Choard intended to resist the Empire. Chivkyrie could not answer this question and so they went to the Flower Market in Shelkonwa's capital, Makrin City, to get the information from Disra. When they arrived there were some differences regarding the hotel. Chivkyrie preferred the more luxurious variant, unlike Organa who chose the less luxurious option deliberately. Arriving at the Flower Market, the Adarian did not want to say his companions' real names, because Leia Organa was one of the most wanted fugitives in the galaxy. Therefore he named them after the first three letters of the Aurebesh alphabet: Aurek, Besh and Cresh. When Organa asked Disra how many allies he had, the Administrator left the meeting because he was not able to answer this question without investigation. Chivkyrie was annoyed—but not surprised—by Disra's behavior and wanted to apologize, but Organa asked him to never contact him again. She also wanted to leave the planet as fast as possible. Though Chivkyrie could not understand Organa's mistrust, he contacted his pilot. The pilot told him that Choard had just forbidden Humans to leave Shelkonwa. After hearing that, Chivkyrie knew that Disra had betrayed them. Chivkyrie told his colleagues to flee, so that the patrols could not get them.

Slanni and Vokkoli left the planet to protect their people. Chivkyrie decided—against his colleagues' will—to stay with Organa, because he did not want to leave a guest on his home planet. Knowing that he could no longer keep his social standing, he gave up his name, his home, and his rank just to keep Organa alive. His plan was to hide directly in front of their enemies. Therefore, he looked for a safe job that Organa could do while they laid low. In the job advertisements he discovered what he was looking for; a tapcafe run by the Mungra Vicria. Organa was speechless when Chivkyrie told her of his idea, because she had not expected such an action from him. The next day the Adarian became pessimistic because of the fact that patrols were looking for both of them. At night, they saw some housebreakers trying to break into a house of a theater's employee. Organa also saw an Adarian child. Knowing what housebreakers were capable of when they saw potential witnesses, Organa felt obligated to save the child. However, Chivkyrie was afraid for her safety. The Rebel leader's plan was to snap a pipe by shooting at its mountings. Then, she intended to place the pipe's end on the other roof and slip down to confront the criminals. After the first shots, Chivkyrie saw the housebreakers running away and Organa went back into the house. On the next day, Chivkyrie lost all his confidence after Darth Vader, a Dark Lord of the Sith, arrived in the city. Organa, who had escaped from Vader quite often before, encouraged him. She said that the stormtroopers would not be searching for him, but rather for herself. After this conversation, he hid himself in the catacombs, a place in Makrin City's caves that had usually served as a hiding place for outlaws and war criminals in Makrin City's history.

Personality and traits

"He does not plan treachery. I trust him with my life."
―Chivkyrie talking about Barshnis Choard[src]

Yeeru Chivkyrie was a person who had a big confidence in people. For example, he only saw a small impoliteness in Disra's disappearance like it had happened several times before while Organa and the other Rebels were quite sure that Disra had betrayed them. The Adarian only saw the betrayal when he heard that Humans were not allowed to leave Shelkonwa.

In addition, it was very important to Chivkyrie that he did not lose his social standing. He disliked the idea of staying the night in a lower-class hotel, but he did not object as he did not want to make a bad impression. Though he cared a lot about his image, the Republic Redux leader willingly gave up his social reputation just to fight the Empire. During the search by local patrols, he became unsure if the Rebel Alliance could really defeat the Empire, especially when he heard that Darth Vader was leading the search. Finally, when Organa told him that the Empire would not search for him, he became confident again.

Behind the scenes

Yeeru Chivkyrie's first and only appearance was in the 2006 novel Allegiance by author Timothy Zahn. Chivkyrie's character is one of the minor characters which are portrayed in the novel.


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