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Yevethan was the native language of the Yevetha species from N'zoth III.[1]

The Yevetha were, biologically, able to speak other languages, but their isolationist nature made them reject the languages of other species. Only rarely would a Yevethan learn Galactic Basic Standard, as this would often decrease his/her social standing.[1]

Known VocabularyEdit

  • Darama - literally "Chosen One"
  • Darna - Yevethan male's senior mate
  • Daraya - literally "brightness"
  • Etaias - honorific term for elders
  • Mara-nas - birth-casks for young Yevetha
  • Marasi - term for female Yevetha
  • Narada-ti - Yevethan midwife
  • Nitakka - term for male Yevetha
  • Noreti - Yevethan standard greeting
  • Tolotan - Yevethan religious text


  • Hi noka daraya! - "The Brightness touches me!"
  • Ko nakaza! - "Glory in the kill!"
  • Ni toi darama - "The Blessed comes to us."
  • Soko darama - "For the honor of the Viceroy, the Blessed and the All."
  • Thetan nitakka, ko nakaza! - "To the strongest of us, glory in the kill!"
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