"This piece was immensely challenging because I had to overhaul some elements on a dime. The biggest one was the setting, which used to be completely different. I felt sad about that but I think the final is the right choice because it's more suggestive and distinctive."
―Yihyoung Li, on designing the cover for The High Republic: The Fallen Star[2]

Yihyoung Li is a Taiwanese-American freelance illustrator.[1] He designed the cover art for[2] Claudia Gray's 2022 novel[3] The High Republic: The Fallen Star and its audiobook adaptation.[2]

Penguin Random House Senior Art Director[4] Scott Biel hired Li to work on the Fallen Star cover and guided him through the process. Li's boyfriend posed as a reference model during the cover's development. Overall, Li found work on the Fallen Star cover to be "immensely challenging" as many elements had to be overhauled quickly. Li expressed sadness that the original setting for the cover was drastically changed, but in the end, felt that it was the right choice as the final background made the cover more "suggestive and distinctive."[2]


Year Title Contribution
2022 The High Republic: The Fallen Star[3] Cover art[2]
The High Republic: The Fallen Star audiobook[2]


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