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Yinchorr was the Yinchorri homeworld. It was first charted c. 500 BBY.


Early history[]

Yinchorr was the homeworld of the reptilian Yinchorri species which gradually organized themselves into rival city-states. According to ancient epochs, Tol-Kachorn was the strongest of these, with almost one hundred small communities providing it with resources and five lesser city-states serving as service centers. Several other polities tried to challenge the supremacy of Tol-Kachorn, confrontations that sparked wars of conquest that always ended in the defeat of the contender—and the reign of chaos.[2]

Galactic Republic[]

Circa 500 BBY, Yinchorr was charted by the Galactic Republic.[3][2] Alien scouts decided that the Yinchorri were too underdeveloped to be useful to the Republic, and the planet was deemed too deficient in resources to be useful for a settlement. On the scouts' advisement, the Republic disregarded the world.[2] Around 58 BBY, the Yinchorri joined the galactic community, but most planetary representatives assumed that the species would go unnoticed in the grand scheme of galaxy-wide politics.[4] The Yinchorri officially became members of the Republic in 33 BBY and they were eventually given representation in the Galactic Senate.[2]

The same year, under the manipulation of Darth Sidious, they launched an offensive, attacking neighboring systems as well as the Jedi Temple. The Jedi attempted to negotiate, but met only hostility. However, the uprising was put down, and the homeworld of the Yinchorri was placed under interdiction by the Republic.[5][6]

Galactic Empire[]

"This unforgiving planet has a fittingly severe training facility."
Admiral Wullf Yularen, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[src]

The Squall.

Later, in 3 ABY, Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel held the Yinchorri Council of Elders hostage: in exchange for the Council's release, the Yinchorri attempted to deliver Leia Organa captive to the Empire.[7] In the end, the Empire slaughtered the Council, and the Yinchorri rebelled. As a result, the Empire devastated the world, destroying its main city, Tol-Kashorn.[3] Most of the population was exterminated.[8] It was during this battle that a young soldier, Redd Wessel, first came to the attention of his superiors.

Palpatine later had the Imperial Royal Guard Academy set up on the now distant and devastated world. The harsh desert world made it ideal for the training of these elite guards.

New Republic[]

After the planet was liberated by the New Republic, the Yinchorri begin to rebuild their society, but did not rejoin the galactic community.[3]

Yinchorr was used as a training ground for the Emperor's Royal Guards. Yinchorr was the home of the Imperial Royal Guard Academy and its dangerous arena known as the Squall. Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax both trained on Yinchorr, and continually had flashbacks to their training.[9]

New Empire[]

"An Imperial base these past seven years and HQ for the 407th Stormtrooper Division"
Anson Trask[src]

After the Sith–Imperial War, the planet became a military base for Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, serving as the HQ for the 407th Stormtrooper Division of the Imperial Army.[10]

Yinchorr after the Sith–Imperial War.

Behind the scenes[]

The New Essential Chronology names Uhanayih, Yitheeth, and Yibikkoror as moons of Yinchorr, while Jedi Council: Acts of War makes it clear they are separate planets.

In Star Wars 86, the planet was originally spelled "Yinchor".

The Essential Atlas places Yinchorr in the Expansion Region; however, Ultimate Alien Anthology says that the planet is located in the Outer Rim Territories, whereas A Two-Edged Sword and the map in Star Wars Insider 65 put it in the Mid Rim.



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