"Sometimes the Force challenges us. And we don't find out until later why we had to suffer. Every setback contains hidden blessings."

Ylena was a human female who worked for Savi as a member of the Gatherers in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. She believed in the Force and supported the cause of the Resistance, and was eventually recruited by the spy Vi Moradi.[2]

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  1. According to a timeline shown at D23 2019, the events of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge take place in 34 ABY. As Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire, in which Ylena appears, is a prequel to the events of Galaxy's Edge, it must also take place in 34 ABY. As Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire establishes that Ylena was in her forties, we can deduce that she was born sometime before 6 BBY.
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