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Along with the Codian Moon,[2] the planet[3] Ylesia was the homeworld of the reek species.[2] It was located within the Hutt Space region of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories and was connected to Teth and Rorak by hyperspace routes.[1] The former pirate Queen Maz Kanata marked it as a point of interest on a map she included in the book that would become known as the Smuggler's Guide.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the current canon, Ylesia was first mentioned in the 2015 reissue of the young readers book Journey Through Space, which was written by Ryder Windham.[3] The planet originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where it first appeared in The Paradise Snare, a 1997 novel written by A. C. Crispin.[5]


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