The Ylesian Dream was originally a droid freighter owned and operated by the Besadii Hutt clan used for transporting spice. When the freighter made its way to Trader's Luck, a young Han Solo stowed away on board, bound for Ylesia. However, being a droid freighter, there was no life support, thus Solo had to wear a spacesuit for the duration of the long, cold journey. Finally arriving at Ylesia, Solo had to wrest control of the ship in order to navigate the planet's turbulent atmosphere. Solo was able to land the ship with minimal damage, impressing the t'landa Til enough to enthusiastically hire him as their pilot.

The Ylesian Dream was soon refitted for sentient pilots, namely Han Solo (known to them as Vykk Draygo) and his Togorian "bodyguard", Muuurgh. After a close call with pirates that forced Solo to land on Alderaan for repairs, the Dream was given additional weaponry and added shields. After all, the reason Solo had been hired was due to droid freighters presenting easy targets to pirates.

Han Solo escaped Ylesia with his love interest, Bria Tharen, as well as Muuurgh and Mrrov aboard Teroenza's personal yacht Talisman, leaving the Ylesian Dream behind. When the Talisman came under fire by the slaver corvette Helot's Shackle, backup pilot Jalus Nebl came to Solo's aid.

Several years later, Nebl joined the Rebel Alliance, and took the Ylesian Dream with him. The ship was renamed Dream of Freedom. The Dream of Freedom was destroyed in the Battle of Ylesia by a ground-based turbolaser cannon.


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