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Yoda's Hut was the last residence of Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, during his years of self-imposed exile on Dagobah. Initially, Yoda used the E3-standard starship lifeboat that had brought him to Dagobah as a temporary shelter. However, the lifeboat started to degrade within a year due to the planet's swampy environment, which forced the Jedi to construct a small house for himself.[1] He chose to build it on a knoll at the base of a great gnarltree between a sweet water lagoon and an area where he could gather yarum seeds.[1][4]

Yoda used pieces of his lifeboat[3] and crafted wattles from gnarltree roots to create his hut, along with mud, stones, and bark.[1][3] With several open windows and two circular entries, he surfaced the interior with smooth, white adobe clay, which made for a clean, attractive, and, most importantly, dry home.[1] He also incorporated the backup power supply from the lifeboat.[3] Yoda actually needed to construct two huts: one in lowlands and, for the wet season, one in the highlands.[5]

Cutaway of Yoda's Hut

The humble hut included a sitting room with a wooden stump for a table and a kitchen area. In the middle of his home, Yoda cooked at a small stove. Behind the stove was a storage area with windowsills covered in drying seeds, berries, and herbs. In the back of the shelter was a sink with running water and Yoda's spice collection, along with a few clay pots and bowls. A sleeping loft hung above with sleeping mats and blankets, though in his final years Yoda slept on the ground level. Tools and keepsakes were kept stored away in a nook. The sitting area made up the rest of the building.[1]

The open doors and windows, due to the hut's proximity to the lagoon, resulted in Yoda being visited by many creatures; he would often find snakes, lizards, butcherbugs, and spiny bograts scampering across the floor. He didn't mind the company, and only swept the venomous ones back outside.[1]

The Grand Master died there[6] in 4 ABY[7] in the presence of his apprentice Luke Skywalker.[6] With the hut vacant, it was reclaimed by the swamp and the many creatures Yoda befriended during his stay.[1] Sometime later, the hut was destroyed by Dagobah's torrential rains.[2]


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