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Yoda's hut was both the home and final resting place of Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Order.


The interior of Yoda's hut.

Yoda's hut was a dwelling made by Jedi Master Yoda during his self-imposed exile on Dagobah, starting from 19 BBY. The hut was simple, constructed of mud, but utilized his E3-standard starship lifeboat model escape pod energy source. Despite this, Yoda had to draw upon the Force at all times just to hold it together. Yoda salvaged most of the parts from his escape pod to build this hut. He utilized deck grating for a solid foundation, illumination panels for lighting, and thrust nozzles for shaping his windows and doorway. He then packed mud from around the area to form the outer "shell" of his home. Then, the only matter that remained to be built was the interior.


Yoda then tempered leftover scrap metal to form crude household wares such as his metal pot and sink. Another use of the excess metal was to train Luke Skywalker in the use of his lightsaber. Yoda had numerous metal bars constructed, which he flung at Luke to enhance his reflexes and speed. It is possible that these poles were leftover means of support used in the construction of his hut.

Yoda and Luke Skywalker inside his hut.

Yoda also carved an intricate series of ducts through the tree which provided his sink with sluice water from Dagobah's torrential rainstorms. Hollowing out a niche near the tip of his hut, Yoda fashioned a small sleeping room complete with a light source salvaged, again, from remains of the escape pod.

Inside there were many Jedi relics that Yoda scavenged from the smoking ruins of the Jedi Temple, such as an ancient Jedi manuscript,[source?] ancient texts,[2] at least two lightsabers, and at least four Marksman-H combat remotes. He also had more mundane items made from Dagobah's natural resources that he stored on his walls, such as various poles crafted of wood (for different purposes) and a handcrafted fireplace. Inventively, Yoda also carved out storage niches for the diverse amount of seeds, nuts, and plants that he found strewn around his swampy adopted homeworld.

Yoda also used glowing crystals to illuminate his home.


Yoda's hut cutaway.

Yoda's hut was constructed inside the base of a tree, though it's never been confirmed if it was a gnarltree or some other species. It is evident that it probably wasn't the former as there was no visible root system, a trait commonly associated with the tree phase of the knobby white spider. He lived there from 19 BBY to 4 ABY. After the wise Grand Master of the Jedi Order's death, his hut deteriorated almost to the point of being unrecognizable from any other feature on Dagobah within days. However, when Luke revisited the remains of the dwelling in 9 ABY, it was still prominent enough to be noticed.[3] It appears that without Yoda's Force influence to keep the building from falling down around him, the cobbled-together structure's overtaxed escape pod parts failed in their support duties quickly.


Yoda's hut, five years after his death.

Though he was largely undisturbed in his humble abode, there were rare cases in which Yoda's privacy was intruded upon.

A clone of Galen Marek, Starkiller, met Yoda when he visited Dagobah to find himself.[4]

Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker landed on Dagobah to find Yoda at the behest of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Force ghost. After landing in the swamp, Skywalker met the Jedi Master, who took him back to his hut.[1] Skywalker later had to find his way back to the hut as part of his training.[5] He would return sometime later to complete his training, but found Yoda to be nearing the end of his life, and remained at his Master and friend's bedside as the last of the Jedi entrusted their kind's future to Luke and peacefully passed on to the afterlife. From then on, Yoda's hut went dark and would remain uninhabited.

Arhul Hextrophon met Yoda here, although the scholar kept it to himself.

Years later, he probably discreetly suggested that the New Republic base on Dagobah be christened Mount Yoda in honor of the Jedi Master of old.[source?]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

Originally Yoda's hut was to resemble a mosque with stained glass windows, though this concept was abandoned to illustrate the Jedi's minimalist outlook. It was probably also deserted for purely practical reasons. Because of the combination of the hut's small quarters and the puppeteers operating Yoda, any action in the hut required the moves to be carefully plotted beforehand to allow for good camera angles. It had walls thick enough that insects took a long time to make their way in.

In the 2001 LucasArtsS video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Yoda's Hut, along with Yoda, Skywalker, and R2-D2, appeared as an easter egg in the third level of the Gungan campaign; "Raid on Spearhead." The hut can be seen if the player uses a cheat code to explore the inaccessible areas of the map, and can also be placed in player-made levels in the scenario editor.[6]


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