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"Yoda and Other Force Users" is a book in De Agostini's canon reference book series, Star Wars Encyclopedia. It is the twenty-second book in the series.

Publisher's summary[]

The Force, the mystical energy that connected all living things in the galaxy and that only a few could grasp or manipulate, had been given many names throughout history. But whatever its nickname, those chosen who could perceive it and mold it to their wishes knew that it was a power that always had to be respected. Those who followed the light side did so within the Jedi Order, which reached its peak in the days of the High Republic. A good example was the venerable Master Yoda, who had obtained his high level of control and manipulation of the Force thanks to his capacity for concentration and introspection, which allowed him to perform feats that others could only dream of. It took many years of practice to reach that state.[1]


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