"What's better, that one dies—or all?'"
―Yolan Bren[src]

Yolan Bren, also known as the "Poet," was a resistance leader affiliated with the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the world of Solem. Originally raised to rule alongside his brother Malvander, Bren found the influence of the Galactic Empire distasteful, and fought a guerrilla campaign against his kinsman, now the sole governor. In the wake of reprisals following the Empire's loss at the Battle of Yavin, Malvander sought to extend his influence and destroy Bren's resistance movement. In one of the resultant strikes, Bren lost an arm and was critically injured, with his allies Lol, Naia, Ardal, and Daron, was able to recuperate in the city G'ai Solem.

Rumors soon abounded that Malvander had hired bounty hunter Boba Fett to hunt down Bren—in short order Fett arrived in G'ai Solem, forcing the guerrillas to flee. The group were intercepted by Fett however, and Bren, not wishing to see any more blood shed among his compatriots, surrendered himself to Fett's custody despite the protestations of his fellow guerrillas. The Poet was then brought before Malvander in the governor's palace, ready for his own execution as a mob formed outside demanding his release. Malvander was unable to pay Fett's fee, and as the guerrillas stormed the palace to free Bren, the bounty hunter did nothing to defend the governor, allowing him to be captured. Bren urged his comrades not to execute Malvander, instead forcing the governor to travel with them across Solem, so that he could witness the Imperial treatment of his homeworld first-hand.



"If your time is over, then so is ours, Yolan Bren! You're our inspiration—we need you!"

Yolan Bren was a male member of a species native to the world of Solem. A poet by nature, Bren was raised to to govern Solem alongside his brother, Malvander under the yoke of the Galactic Empire's control. In time, however, Bren came to see what he perceived to be the "evils of the Empire," and cast aside his gubernatorial duties to join his planet's resistance efforts, which were aligned with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, whereas his brother found the riches afforded to him by the Imperial overlords appealing. He became an inspirational figure to the guerrilla cell,[1] earning himself the nickname of the "Poet,"[2] as they fought against both the Empire and the now-sole governor in Malvander.[1]


Bren is ferried away from the frontline by Lol.

In the wake of the Death Star's destruction by the Alliance at the Battle of Yavin,[3] the Empire sought retribution in whatever way it could—Malavander sought to curry favor with the Imperial overlords by striking at the planet's insurgents, resulting in considerable civilian casualties. Bren was caught in an explosive radius during one such strike, damaging his arm and wounding him severely. His fellow guerrillas rushed to his aid, desperate to save him despite the Poet's insistence that they leave him to die. His arm was tended to by Lol as the attack still raged around the rebels. One of the guerrillas, Ardal, suggested that they take him to the nearest doctor in the city G'ai Solem—an Imperial stronghold, but one that was also home to Rebellion sympathizers. Accompanied by several other soldiers led by Tark and Naia, Lol and Ardal ferried Bren away from danger, while the other guerrillas dispersed.[1]

As Bren was tended to in G'ai Solem, the young warrior Daron gave some of his own blood to save Bren, although the Poet's arm had to be amputated. Ardal advised that they keep moving, as rumors were abounding that the governor had hired a bounty hunter to track down and kill Bren. While the guerrillas were preparing to leave, Rabutz, one of the locals, burst in and and informed Bren that the bounty hunter Boba Fett was in G'ai Solem looking for him. That moment, Fett blasted his way into the building through the ceiling. Lol ushered the Poet out of the building as Fett proceeded to gun down the resistance fighters. A group escaped, escorting Lol and Bren, finding their way to a set of swoop bikes parked outside. As the guerrillas departed G'ai Solem and headed for the caves of Kandaas, one of their number, Yarda, was blasted off the back of a swoop by Fett, who was in hot pursuit.[1]

As Fett fired again he claimed Daron's life, forcing the resistance fighters to abandon their swoops. Lol attempted to challenge the bounty hunter, but Bren was distressed by the amount of bloodshed, and offered to surrender himself to the bounty hunter. Ardal refused to allow it, but the Poet insisted, claiming that his death would save the lives of many. Bren then had to contend with the protestations of Naia—he assured the girl that her death would be in vain, and that she should continue battling Malvander in both his and Daron's name. Lol wept for his compatriot, finding it difficult to turn his leader over to Fett's clutches without defending him, but Bren stood firm, and put himself in the bounty hunter's custody.[1]


"I regret you'll have to make do with one wrist."
―Yolan Bren to Boba Fett[src]
The Brens and Fett

Boba Fett brings Bren before his brother, the governor.

As Bren was brought to the governor's palace, a mob formed outside, crying out for the Poet's release. Fett personally brought Bren before his brother—the governor signaled his intentions to have the Poet hung by the neck until dead, before explaining to the bounty hunter that his campaign against the Alliance cell had been expensive, and that he could only afford AurebeshSans-Serif credit10,000. Malvander instructed Fett to take the payment and depart, threatening to have his guards shoot the bounty hunter should he not acquiesce, while the calls for Bren's freedom outside amplified. Fett quickly disarmed the guards and held Malvander by the throat—at that moment Ardal, Lol, Naia, and the other guerrillas burst into the room, having stormed the palace, much to Bren's surprise. The bounty hunter, however, did nothing to stop them, and was more interested in being compensated for his work.[1]

Fett snatched the governor's valuable neckpiece from Malvander's neck—the governor observed that it was worth more than the initial fee, and demanded that Fett kill the Rebels. The bounty hunter, however, silently marched out, with Bren demanding that he be allowed to leave. Ardal then accosted Malvander, but Bren instructed the fighter not to kill the governor, as the Empire would replace him swiftly, potentially with someone even more detrimental to the efforts of the Alliance. The Poet decided that Malvander's punishment would be to roam with the guerrillas, and see for himself the Imperial treatment of the planet's natives. The Poet conceded that if Malvander's disposition towards his own people did not improve, then he would be killed. Bren expressed his relief to his allies that they had disobeyed his direct order to leave him, as they revealed that governor's forces had been spread thin leaving the palace open to attack. As the group watched Fett depart in his Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I, one of the guerrillas noted that the bounty hunter was the most evil man in the galaxy. Bren disagreed, pointing out that Fett was merely a machine, whose life was without cause beyond the price of the bounties he hunted.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"This is war, girl. Sometimes a sacrifice is necessary. At least let me die with the knowledge that you'll be here to carry on the fight."
―Yolan Bren[src]

Bren put others' well-being over his own

Yolan Bren was an inspirational figure, and was considered imperative to the resistance effort on Solem, to such a degree that it was thought that the entire movement would collapse should he perish. Bren brought about fervent protectiveness in his compatriots, with many of them more than willing to lay down their own lives to preserve his. Bren held the lives of his comrades in greater esteem than his own however, and insisted that they save themselves from the forces of the Imperials and the governor rather than keep themselves in danger and save him. The Poet saw great value in the idea of his own sacrifice, and it pained him to see others die for him. He believed philosophically that lives should not be lost in vain, and hoped that his compatriots would be prepared to make similar sacrifices to him in order to overcome their common enemy.[1]

Bren was disdainful of his brother, speculating that Emperor Palpatine would not even know the governor's name despite his fawning for approval from the Imperial administration. Bren was also critical of Malvander's lust for fiscal gain, and labeled him a "puffed-up little tyrant on a galactic backwater." Bren also had a low opinion of the bounty hunter Boba Fett, as to his line of thought the man had no values or beliefs that were worth living or dying for, and no function in the galaxy beyond his profession. The Poet could also find humour in dire situations—when Daron gave blood to save him in G'ai Solem, the young man claimed that according to Naia, he would be a great poet and resistance leader, to which Bren dryly remarked that he was more likely to become a "silly young boy" like Daron.[1]

Appearance and attireEdit

Like the other members of his species, Yolan Bren had green skin and yellow eyes. He wore a cap and a set of brown armor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Yolan Bren was created by John Wagner and first appeared in Empire 7: Sacrifice (2003), which was pencilled by Cam Kennedy. The character was later referenced in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008).



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