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"Black Leader, there's a brand new hole in that oscillator. Looks like our friends got in."
―Yolo Ziff, to Poe Dameron[src]

Yolo Ziff was a human male artist who flew for the Resistance during its conflict against the First Order. In 34 ABY, Ziff created propaganda for the Resistance, and he participated in the Battle of Starkiller Base, flying under the command of Black Leader Poe Dameron. During the battle, the Resistance pilots targeted Starkiller Base's thermal oscillator, a weak point in the superweapon. Although their weapons were not strong enough to cause any damage to the structure, Ziff spotted a hole in the oscillator, which had been created by Resistance members Han Solo and Chewbacca, who were on the planet's surface. With the new opening, Ziff and the other pilots renewed their attack on the oscillator, and Dameron destroyed the target, crippling the weapon.


Propaganda artist[]

A human male, Yolo Ziff was a talented holographer, digital editor, illustrator, and starfighter pilot.[3] By 34 ABY,[4] Ziff joined the Starfighter Corps of the Resistance, a military group formed by Leia Organa to protect the New Republic from the First Order. During Ziff's service, Resistance pilots joked that if Black Leader Poe Dameron were to pose for a poster, recruitment numbers would increase. Drawing inspiration from the quip, Ziff created a faux propaganda poster titled Resistance, which pictured a gallant image of Dameron standing in a "clear sky full of promises," joined by the X-wing fighters under his command. Although the poster was intended as a prank, it ended up on the HoloNet, resulting in multiple new recruits.[3]

Following his unintentional success, Ziff was commissioned by Organa to create a piece to help the New Republic understand the true intentions of the First Order. The subject of the poster was to be the attack on Tuanul, a village slaughter witnessed by Dameron. Ziff hastily illustrated The Massacre at Tuanul, depicting flametroopers in Tuanul, setting fire to the settlements of peaceful religious pilgrims. Ironically, by the time Ziff finished the piece, the First Order, using a secret superweapon called Starkiller Base, destroyed the New Republic capital of Hosnian Prime.[3]

Assault on the Starkiller[]

"Dropping out of lightspeed."
―Yolo Ziff, prior to the assault on Starkiller Base[src]

Immediately after the Hosnian Cataclysm, the First Order targeted D'Qar, the planet of the Resistance base. When the Resistance learned of the First Order's imminent attack, they formed a plan to disable Starkiller Base's thermal oscillator—a critical weak point—hoping to destroy the weapon. However, the planet was shielded, so Finn, a former First Order strormtrooper, volunteered to escort Han Solo and Chewbacca inside the base, where they could disable the shield.[1] In preparation for the assault, Ziff and the other Resistance pilots were told to expect at least 80 percent casualties.[5]

Yolo Ziff participated in the Resistance's assault on Starkiller Base.

Ziff, flying with Red Squadron and Blue Squadron, entered hyperspace under the leadership of Dameron. Once the ground team disabled the shield, Dameron was given authorization to begin the assault, and he relayed the command. Ziff acknowledged Dameron's signal, and the squadrons dropped out of lightspeed, following Dameron into the planet's atmosphere and switching the S-foils of their T-70 X-wing starfighters into attack position. Once the squadrons reached the oscillator, Dameron gave the order to fire, so Ziff and the other pilots launched proton torpedoes at the structure. Despite hitting their target, no damage was done, and squadrons of TIE/fo space superiority fighters engaged them. The dogfight pushed the battle into the planet's orbit, and the First Order starfighters overwhelmed the Resistance pilots.[1]

On the surface of the planet, Solo and Chewbacca had seen an opportunity to assist the pilots, so they set explosives inside the structure of the oscillator. When the charges were detonated, a opening was created, which Ziff soon noticed. He informed Dameron of the change, and the commander gave an order to resume their attack on their target. As the pilots flew toward the oscillator, Dameron told the remaining pilots to cover him as he entered the structure via the opening created by Solo and Chewbacca. From inside, Dameron destroyed the building, and the Resistance pilots followed him away from the planet as the damage caused it to implode.[1]

Personality and traits[]

As a prank, Ziff created a propaganda poster featuring Poe Dameron.

A human male, Ziff had blue eyes and light-colored skin.[1] Ziff was a gifted holographer, digital editor, and illustrator, so when he heard a joke about Dameron posing for a poster, Ziff pulled a prank on the commander by actualizing the piece.[3]


As a pilot in the Resistance, Ziff flew a T-70 X-wing starfighter,[1] a starfighter model manufactured by the Incom-FreiTek Corporation.[6] During the assault on Starkiller Base, Ziff wore a flight suit and a flight helmet with red and gray markings.[1] His astromech droid was M9-G8.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Yolo Ziff was created for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the seventh installment of the episodic Star Wars saga,[1] which was released on December 18, 2015.[7] His helmet was designed by Abram's son Henry.[8] The film was written by Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams, and Michael Arndt, and Ziff was portrayed by actor Stefan Grube,[1] who also served as the editor for the film's first two trailers.[9] Following the film's release, Ziff appeared in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a LEGO video game adaptation of the film.[10] However, Ziff is absent from the film's adult and junior novelizations, in which his role is filled by Poe Dameron.[11][12] Additionally, Ziff's role is taken by Temmin Wexley in The Force Awakens Adaptation 6, a comic book adaptation of the film's final scenes.[13]


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