Yoog Skell was the High Prefect of the Intendant caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. Nom Anor often went to him for advice, and Skell told him much about the gatherings of the Elite, including Supreme Overlord Shimrra's god-given ability to turn them into a mob (which was actually Onimi influencing them through the Force).


When Shimrra arrived on Yuuzhan'tar, he opposed Most High Priest Jakan's plans to segregate the workers from the slaves they had acquired in an attempt to root out the Jeedai Heresy, as it would interfere with the vital work they were doing. He also showed relatively little concern over the heresy itself, arguing that the Gods hated the Shamed Ones anyway, so their opinions were irrelevant.

When Anor brought information that the New Republic government had relocated to Ebaq 9, Skell agreed that the information should be brought to Shimrra. The information was planted, and Skell assumed that Nom Anor had betrayed the Yuuzhan Vong (again), and must pay with his life. Anor cracked Skell's head with an amphistaff, killing him instantly—and unintentionally, as Anor had always liked Yoog Skell.



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