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"My name is Yord Fandar, Knight of the Jedi Order."
―Yord Fandar[3]

Yord Fandar was a human male Knight of the Jedi Order who lived during the High Republic Era. As a Jedi Padawan, he befriended Verosha "Osha" Aniseya. Eventually being promoted to a Jedi Knight, he took on Tasi Lowa as a Padawan.

In 132 BBY, Fandar and Lowa were sent to the Trade Federation freighter Fallon, where he took Osha into custody after she was named a suspect in Jedi Master Indara's death on Ueda. Soon after, he accompanied Jedi Master Sol and his Padawan Jecki Lon to Carlac to find Osha. Osha was later cleared of her crimes when her twin sister, Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya was discovered to be alive and involved in Master Torbin's death on Olega.

Fandar later joined a team of Jedi led by Sol to Khofar to extract Master Kelnacca and capture Mae. However, they were ambushed by Mae's master, "The Stranger", who had already killed Kelnacca. Fandar was injured by "The Stranger" before being ordered by Sol to bring Osha back to their ship. However, Osha eventually convinced Fandar to rejoin the fight and help the others. This came at the cost of his life when "The Stranger" promptly overpowered him and snapped his neck. His corpse was later found by Master Vernestra Rwoh, who gathered the casualties of the battle for a proper burial.


Early life and becoming a knight

Yord Fandar was inducted into the Jedi Order and befriended Osha Aniseya when they were both Padawans during the High Republic Era.[3] In 134 BBY,[6] Padawan Fandar passed his Jedi Trials and was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.[3] By 132 BBY[6] he had taken on the Zygerrian[7] Tasi Lowa as his Padawan learner.[3]

Retrieving a suspect


Yord Fandar and his Padawan learner, Tasi Lowa, question Osha Aniseya.

Around the same time,[6] when Jedi Master Indara was murdered by the Force-sensitive assassin Mae-ho Aniseya on Ueda, Fandar and Lowa traveled to the Trade Federation freighter[3] Fallon[8] to apprehend the meknek Osha Aniseya—who had left the Order some six years prior and Mae's twin sister—who had been incriminated for the crime. The two Jedi landed on the freighter in a Jedi Vector and made their way to the bridge, where Fandar introduced himself and Lowa before asking the Neimoidian Captain Blex about Osha. Although the captain denied having mekneks aboard, another Neimoidian officer revealed Osha's whereabouts instead. Fandar then waited in Osha's room until she arrived.[3]


Yord, Sol and Jecki attempt to retrieve Osha.

Following Osha's return to her room, the two had a quick catch-up before Fandar accused her of Indara's murder. Osha reluctantly went along and was transported back to Coruscant with the prison transport[3] Palwick.[9] Later on however, Fandar was pulled along Jedi Master Sol and his Padawan Jecki Lon to retrieve Osha after the Palwick's crash on Carlac following a prison breakout from several of the other prisoners.[3]

Traveling to Olega

After retrieving Osha from Carlac, Fandar, alongside Verosha Aniseya, Jedi Master Sol and his Padawan Jecki Lon, traveled to Olega in a failed attempt to save Jedi Master Torbin.[10]

Confrontation on Khofar


Yord locks blades with The Stranger.

After the mission to Olega, Fandar joined a group of Jedi led by Sol to travel to the planet Khofar, where they hoped to locate and apprehend Mae-ho Aniseya before she killed the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca. Accompanied by Osha and the Tynnan tracker Bazil, Fandar and the group eventually located Mae, but were too late to save Kelnacca. However, Mae had not been responsible for Kelnacca's death—instead, it had been her master, who suddenly ambushed the group and began attacking them.[11] After being injured in the skirmish, Fandar located Osha and began escorting her away from the skirmish for her safety. While on the run, Osha—fearing for the safety of everyone else—managed to convince Fandar to return to the fight. Upon arriving, Fandar attacked Mae's master—now revealed to be Qimir—using the Sith's cortosis helmet against him to deactivate his lightsaber. However, Qimir quickly overpowered Fandar and knocked him down before promptly snapping the Jedi Knight's neck, killing him.[2]


After Sol sent a Distress signal to the Jedi Temple, Vernestra Rwoh brought another team of Jedi to Khofar to speak with him about the mission. However, Sol departed from Khofar before Rwoh's team arrived. Rwoh and Mog Adana found the corpses of Fandar and his fallen comrades. She ordered him to take them to the ship, so they could all receive a proper burial.[12]

Personality and traits

Yord Fandar-Dressing Acolyte

Fandar was a solemn and dedicated Jedi.

Yord Fandar was a human[3] male[4] with brown hair, brown eyes, and dark skin.[3] He was an overachiever and a rule follower. He was also highly disciplined, and dedicated to protecting the Galactic Republic. However, his need to be a by-the-book Jedi sometimes could cloud his focus.[5]

Powers and abilities

As a Jedi Knight, Fandar was highly trained in the ways of the Force.[5]


He wore a brown Jedi apparel with gold accents, and wielded a lightsaber with a yellow blade.[3]

Behind the scenes

"Someone is killing Jedi."
―Yord Fandar in the trailer for The Acolyte[13]

Yord Fandar first appeared in the first two episodes of the Disney+ live-action series The Acolyte, "Lost / Found"[3] and "Revenge / Justice,"[10] which premiered on June 4, 2024.[14] The character was portrayed by Charlie Barnett.[3]

Following the series premiere, the character quickly gained popularity within the Star Wars community through the trending phrase Yord Horde,[15] which was first coined by Hayden Kirkeide.[16] The phrase was later officially recognized by Star Wars.[17] Barnett and another cast member Dafne Keen,[18] who portrayed Jecki Lon in the same series,[3] also recognized the popular phrase.[18]


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Yord Fandar character poster from The Acolyte.

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