Yorik-stronha were bioships used by the Yuuzhan Vong that resembled asteroids.


These ships were sent into enemy territory before an attack fleet to spy on the enemy and were often equipped with cloaking shadows to guide in the invasion force. A yorik-strohna was made from yorik coral and covered with layers of rock, which extended to a depth of fifty meters everywhere except their main cooling vane, which was disguised as a crevasse in the surface.

Individual yorik-stronha varied, as, in spite of their outward appearance, they had been grown organically, like all Yuuzhan Vong vessels. They were designed to be around 228 meters long, with a crew of twelve and provision for a dozen passengers, plus a cargo capacity of 142 tons, and enough supplies for two months.

Armament included ten yaret-kors and a dovin basal tractor beam, but, while reasonably maneuverable, they were only moderately fast at sublight speeds and their darkspace drive was the equivalent of just a Class 3 hyperdrive, as this involved a far slower reversion to realspace, which was far harder for enemy sensors to detect.

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