Yorpo Mog was a brown-hued alien of an unknown species found in the mining colonies of Tyne's Horky. He worked as a assistant bounty hunter for an unscrupulous crime lord, bounty hunter named Kleb Zellock.


Kleb kept Yorpo busy working in his mines searching for the valuable element Nergon-14. He also kept Yorpo close at hand when he accepted his bounty for him to find a lost prince named Mon Julpa. Yorpo had several opportunities to capture Mon Julpa, but he failed in every attempt.

Yorpo once had an altercation with a young miner named Jann Tosh at Doodnik's Café. Mog might have killed Tosh had it not been for the timely arrival of a freighter pilot named Jessica Meade. Jessica ended the fight by using a mini-stunner to zap Yorpo in the back of the neck.

Soon after this event, Yorpo cut all ties with Kleb Zellock. Kleb knew that his operations were coming to an end, so he prepared to escape from Tyne's Horky. His intent was to leave Yorpo behind, taking his share of the mining profits with him. Feeling betrayed, Yorpo turned on Kleb and assisted Jann Tosh, C-3PO, and R2-D2 in bringing him to justice. After Kleb's arrest, Yorpo began working for Gundy, Jann's uncle, at his Keschel mine.

Physical appearance[]

Yorpo was a tall, ape-like alien with long red sideburns trailing down past his chin. He was typically seen wearing simple, dark-colored laborer fatigues while working in the Keschel mines.


Yorpo only spoke in his native language and could not speak Basic (although he could understand it). He was known for harboring a dislike for droids, and abused them at every given opportunity. This aspect of his personality likely changed after he reformed.

Behind the scenes[]

Dan Hennessey performed the voice of Yorpo. Yorpo's name is misspelled as Yorba under The Lost Prince entry at TV.com. The English subtitles on the Star Wars Droids DVD spell his name as Yorpa.