You Can Draw: Star Wars is a 2007 book detailing how to draw various elements seen in the six Star Wars films.


Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters just like the professional comic-book artists but don't know where to start? This book gives you the techniques to draw everyone from the loyal R2-D2 to the charming rogue Han Solo.

You'll learn all kinds of cool and useful techniques that artists use to bring their sketches to life. However, before you can transform any stick figure into a Sith figure, you need to remember one thing-practice!

Draw all the time. Whether it's on a napkin as you eat breakfast, in the margins of a magazine when you're riding the bus, or on a piece of scrap paper when chatting on the phone. The more you practice these techniques, the better artist you'll become.

One more thing-this book won't turn you into an expert overnight. Just as these skills take practice to master, you need patience to do them right. If you don't have patience then you'll end up a frustrated mess-like Anakin Skywalker. And you know what happened to him! So practice, be patient, and above all-have fun!


At Celebration IV, the Del Rey booth (#825) offered 500 free copies of an exclusive You Can Draw: Star Wars DVD, which compiles all seven featurettes featuring co-illustrator Matt Busch which were originally released on Del Rey's site, and partially on StarWars.com.[1]

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