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Han Solo in The Star Wars

Han Solo as a Ureallian, with Luke Skywalker and Clieg Whitsun

Yourellians, also known as Urellians or Ureallians, were a race of large, slime-covered aliens with green skin and gills. They hunted and trapped Wookiees on Yavin, and spoke the Wookiee language Shyriiwook.

Han Solo was a Ureallian.

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Behind the scenes[]

Yourellians were described in George Lucas's rough draft for the original movie. Han Solo was originally a "Ureallian" (the spelling varies). He is encountered at Gordon, in a cantina, and joins the heroes. A different, villainous group were later encountered on Yavin by the protagonists and defeated, rescuing Chewbacca.

The name Yourellian or Ureallian was slightly changed by the addition of a K or C to become Korellian or Corellian, the Human ethnicity of Han Solo in later drafts.

Han Solo appeared as a Urellian in The Star Wars 4, a licensed but non-canon comic adapted from Lucas's original drafts.