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"I was told that you were well paid for your loyalty. Tell me what you know about Imperial activity on Cloud City."
"Here's what I can tell you. I've looked at both sides of the situation, and I've decided that the Imperials will pay me even more credits when all you Rebels are killed! Get 'em, boys!"
―A Rebel operative and Yoxgit[src]

Yoxgit was an male Ugnaught whose homeworld was the gas giant Bespin. A security systems technician with a mining company A'roFilter on Cloud City—a mining colony that floated in the atmosphere of Bespin—he was discontent with the amount of money he made at his job. Eventually, Yoxgit began secretly supplying Tibanna gas to Hermi Odle, a Baragwin weapons designer working for a Hutt crime lord named Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Due to his criminal activities, Yoxgit was able to afford fashionable clothing, a chrome-plated cloud car, and an upper city apartment. By the time of the Galactic Empire's takeover of Cloud City in 3 ABY, Yoxgit led a gang of Ugnaughts and was a contact of the Rebel Alliance. During the Imperial occupation, Yoxgit aided in freezing the Human smuggler and Alliance captain Han Solo in carbonite under the orders of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who commanded the occupying Imperial forces. Shortly thereafter, Yoxgit was forced to reveal the details surrounding the capture of Captain Solo after he and his gang unsuccessfully attempted to kill a group of Rebels who came to him for information on the Imperial occupation.

Following these events, he realized that he would no longer be able to enjoy his new lifestyle, and he chose to leave Bespin for the planet Tatooine, Jabba's seat of power. Once on Tatooine, Odle assigned him to maintain Jabba's security systems and observe the movements of the Baragwin's Skrilling nemesis, Pote Snitkin, as well as Snitkin's Yuzzum minion, Wam Lufba. Due to his proficiency with his work, the Ugnaught found his way into Jabba's favor, and was invited to witness the execution of three prisoners at the Great Pit of Carkoon from the sail barge Khetanna. Unfortunately for Jabba and Yoxgit, the prisoners escaped and turned the tables on the crime lord's guards, while Jabba was slain by Leia Organa, a friend of the prisoners. In the hopes of keeping his life of ease, Yoxgit prepared to kill Organa to curry favor with Jabba's successor, but he was killed when one of the prisoners, Jedi Luke Skywalker, destroyed the Khetanna with the vehicle's deck cannon.


Early career[]

Yoxgit on Cloud City

Calling Bespin home, Yoxgit was employed on Cloud City as a security systems technician with the mining company A'roFilter. He chose not to fraternize with his fellow Ugnaughts, and detested his honest endeavors, and so Yoxgit opted to make a few credits in an under-the-table scheme. He bartered illegal weaponry for Jabba the Hutt[2] and also covertly sold Tibanna gas packs to Hermi Odle, a Baragwin weapons designer in the employ of the Hutt crime lord. Odle, in turn, utilized the gas in blaster packs. With his supplementary profits from the deals with Odle, Yoxgit purchased an upper level apartment, far from his fellow working class Ugnaughts, a chrome-plated cloud car, and new, more fashionable clothes than his standard fatigues.[1]

In 3 ABY, the Galactic Empire seized control of Cloud City from Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian.[3] Yoxgit was paid a large sum of credits by the Rebel Alliance to gather information on Imperial activity on the mining colony. He arranged to meet Alliance representatives in a Cloud City cantina to provide the requested data. Yoxgit instead tried to double-cross the agent, but he and his Ugnaught thugs were unable to capture the Rebels. At the point of a blaster, Yoxgit stated that the Empire was already occupying Cloud City after making a deal with Calrissian. He also revealed that Han Solo had been frozen in carbonite and was being turned over to the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The Rebels then departed to try and rescue Solo.[4]

Predicting that he would not be able to maintain his current lifestyle under Imperial rule, Yoxgit bought a ticket for an outbound shuttle, which took him to Tatooine, Jabba's center of operations, to call in his favors with Odle. The Baragwin hired the Ugnaught to tend to the security system he had devised for Jabba's Palace. Yoxgit was also to keep an eye on Odle's rival, gunrunner Pote Snitkin, and his henchman, Wam Lufba.[1] In addition to those roles, Yoxgit would supply Odle with various weaponry.[5]

Death at the Great Pit of Carkoon[]

The following year, Jedi Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and the Wookiee Chewbacca came to Jabba's Palace to rescue Captain Han Solo, a captive of the crime lord and a friend of theirs. They failed, and were in turn placed in Jabba's custody. While the Hutt chose to have Organa as a slave girl, he sentenced Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Solo to death at the Great Pit of Carkoon.[6] Jabba was so pleased with Yoxgit's work on the security system that he invited the Ugnaught to accompany the rest of his court to the execution, aboard the sail barge Khetanna. Yoxgit accepted, believing that he was close to becoming one of Jabba's most favored employees.[1]

Yoxgit in Jabba's Palace

The Ugnaught drank with the rest of the court, and wagered on the order of the executions.[1] However, when Skywalker was moved into position to be executed, the Jedi turned the tables on Jabba's guards, producing a lightsaber and assaulting the various executioners. His allies, including Calrissian, who had been disguised as a guard, began attacking Jabba's men, leading to widespread chaos above the Great Pit of Carkoon.[6] Yoxgit, fearing for his own safety, hid behind the bar, and watched as Organa strangled Jabba to death with the chain the Hutt had used to control her. As Organa fled the scene, he realized that his hopes of an easy life in the criminal underworld were slipping away. He then picked up a blaster, hoping to kill Organa and cement his favor with whomever succeeded Jabba; but at that moment, Skywalker fired the Khetanna's deck cannon at the sail barge itself, killing Yoxgit in the blast.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Yoxgit in his Cloud City engineering uniform

While living at Cloud City, Yoxgit had nothing but disdain for both his working-class lifestyle and his fellow Ugnaughts, prompting him to turn to criminal activities to escape both.[1] He considered himself to be an upper-class citizen of the floating city.[2] He was perceptive enough to realize that the Empire would change the state of living on Cloud City, and decided to depart as they descended on the floating settlement. Refusing to leave his favors uncalled, Yoxgit used his earlier ties with Hermi Odle to secure new jobs for himself in Jabba the Hutt's criminal organization—jobs in which he acquitted himself well enough to earn Jabba's favor within a year. Thinking ahead, Yoxgit, in his final moments, believed that the killer of Jabba's murderer would be looked on favorably in the wake of the Carkoon incident, but he was unable to see that through to fruition.[1] During his year at Jabba's palace, he had longed to return to Bespin.[5]


During his time on Cloud City, Yoxgit owned a modified luxury cloud car with chrome plating that was regarded by many individuals as garish in appearance.[1] While he still wore clothes similar to working-class Ugnaughts on occasion,[7] he generally wore more fashionable clothing.[1] His more fashionable clothing consisted of a red jumpsuit, black boots, a silver-colored belt with a black fastener, and black gloves.[4] His work attire consisted of gray robe-like garment, a dark blue apron with pockets for carrying tools,[7] and black footwear.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

"I pictured his ultimate end pretty clearly, and thought it was kind of a funny Star Wars moment to have him rise from the bar with a blaster ready to do dirty deeds only to get blasted where he stood by the deck gun. That's my sense of humor, I guess…"
―Edward M. Erdelac on Yoxgit's demise[src]

Yoxgit was first named in Jabba's Palace Limited, a 1998 set of cards for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.[5] The name was created by pulling a handful of random titles out of a bag of Scrabble titles upon the suggestion of Decipher employee Chuck Kallenbach.[9] His card identified him as a previously unnamed Ugnaught who appeared inside Jabba the Hutt's palace and sail barge in Richard Marquand's 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, which was written by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan. However, the mask used by the actor portraying the character had already been used in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back,[10] which was directed by Irvin Kershner and written by Lucas, Kasdan, and Leigh Brackett.[3] He was portrayed by Hazel Allen in the film.[11] In 2004, an image of Yoxgit was used in part one of Bespin: Action Tidings, a series of articles written by Cory Herndon on Wizards.com, to represent the Ugnaught reporter, Ars Fivvle.[12]

What's the Story[]

"Add to that the fact that most of his screen time is getting sozzled on the sail barge with Jabba's cronies, and I decided he was an easy money kinda guy, looking to live large and get by doing as little real work as possible."
―Edward M. Erdelac on his development of Yoxgit's entry[src]

While Yoxgit's 1998 card had provided him with a small amount of story,[5] the character's story was further fleshed out for his entry in the StarWars.com Databank by Edward M. Erdelac, writing as "caledre," through StarWars.com's Hyperspace feature, "What's The Story?"[1] In his blog on StarWars.com, Erdelac briefly described his thought process for creating Yoxgit's databank entry. From Yoxgit's screen time in Return of the Jedi, where Yoxgit wore different clothes from the Ugnaughts from the previous movie on Cloud City and spent most of his time drinking on the Khetanna, Erdelac decided that Yoxgit was a type of individual who wanted to live well and do as little real work as possible. From this concept, he gave Yoxgit a chrome-plated cloud car. As a fan of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures game, Erdelac made Yoxgit a technician in the entry thinking that the "Ugnaught Technician" miniature from the The Force Unleashed set had the same appearance as Yoxgit, but later found out that he more resembled the "Ugnaught Demolitionist" piece[13] from the Champions of the Force set.[14] In addition, Erdelac used several elements from previous "What's The Story?" entries, such as A'roFilter from Benjamin Christopher Norton Dawe's Willrow Hood entry, and Wam Lufba, whose entry had been written by Tim Veekhoven, and which Erdelac had particularly enjoyed. In the original submission, Erdelac wrote that Yoxgit had been invited to view the execution on the Khetanna due to him installing a silent alarm on Han Solo's carbonite casing that detected Princess Leia Organa opening it, but during the editing process the reference was cut.[13] The entry also did not make it clear whether his modified luxury cloud car was originally[1] a Storm IV Twin-Pod cloud car, such as the ones seen in The Empire Strikes Back,[15] or some other model.[1]

The Empire Strikes Back retcon and further developments[]

In 2009, an Ugnaught from The Empire Strikes Back with a similar appearance to Yoxgit albeit with a gray uniform, received a action figure that was packaged with the controls to the carbon freezing chamber in Hasbro's Star Wars: The Legacy Collection set,[16] and the Ugnaught was also pictured on the packaging of another Ugnaught figure.[17] During 2010, Yoxgit was featured as an antagonist in the light side campaign of The Price of Victory, the eighth set of virtual cards in the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.[4] His card in the set was illustrated by Ryan Barger.[2] The next year, Yoxgit was mentioned in the Ugnaught entry of Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, a Dorling Kindersley reference book.[18] In 2013, Yoxgit was retconned to be one of the Ugnaughts from The Empire Strikes Back in Rogues Gallery: Pigs in Space!, an article written by Leland Y. Chee in Star Wars Insider 138. The character retconned to be Yoxgit[7] was one of the Ugnaughts preparing the carbon freezing chamber to be used on Han Solo.[3] The retcon did introduce contradictions,[7] since the databank entry said that Yoxgit did not mingle with Cloud City's Ugnaughts and wore different clothes.[1] As the character identified with Yoxgit from The Empire Strikes Back wore similar garb to other Ugnaughts and worked alongside them,[3] this article was written with the assumption that the information from Pigs in Space! overrides the information presented in the databank.

From the picture identified as Yoxgit from the article, he can be identified as the same character that received an action figure in Kenner's 1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back toyline[19] and as well as a 1998 figure in Kenner's Star Wars: The Power of the Force set.[8] An Ugnaught with a similar appearance to Yoxgit was in the scene where Chewbacca rescues C-3PO from being melted down, but that Ugnaught wore a gray uniform that was different from the one worn by Yoxgit.[3] The 2009 Ugnaught action figure by Hasbro[16] also cannot be confirmed as Yoxgit, due to the difference in clothing from the picture in Chee's article.[7] The Tian Chyler card from The Price of Victory also pictured an Ugnaught with a similar appearance to Yoxgit in Episode V,[20] but which differed from Yoxgit's appearance in the set.[2]



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