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"You're a freak."
"I'm also your commanding officer."
"Still a freak."
Chass na Chadic and Yrica Quell[src]

Yrica Quell was a human female X-wing starfighter pilot who, during the final months of the Galactic Civil War, served in the New Republic Starfighter Corps as leader of Alphabet Squadron. Raised aboard the Gavana Orbital space station, Quell joined the Imperial Military as a member of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing during the reign of the Galactic Empire. She defected to the New Republic after initially participating in Operation: Cinder, and was granted command of a mixed starfighter squadron. Prior to the Battle of Jakku, General Hera Syndulla ordered Quell to hunt down and destroy the 204th.


Early lifeEdit

Born around 18 BBY[2] in the early years of the Galactic Empire, Yrica Quell was raised on a space station, the Gavana Orbital, prior to her military service under the Empire. Her father drank brandy, which Quell developed a taste for with help from her brother. Her mother was a pilot who operated a YT-2400 light freighter. When she was sixteen years old, Quell and her friend Nette saw one of Mon Mothma's transmissions speaking out against the Empire. Nette convinced Quell that she should join the Rebellion. However, without any sort of training, Quell decided to join the Empire first and then defect to the Rebellion after training at the Imperial Academy.[1]

Imperial service and defectionEdit

Enlisting with the Imperial Starfighter Corps, Quell soon graduated from the Academy, became a TIE fighter pilot in the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. She was completely loyal to the Empire, despite her desire to join the Rebellion. Her mentor, Soran Keize, knew this and made her keep it a secret.[1]

Sometime after the Battle of Hoth, Quell and the rest of the 204th were engaged in combat against Rebel forces. Zin Graw, member of Squadron Five, had broken off from her squadron was busy taking out enemy A-Wing fighters, when one of them snuck up behind her fighter and almost took her out. Quell came in and destroyed the fighter just in time, saving Graw's life. Arriving back at the hangar, Graw thanked Quell for saving her life. Quell then mentioned her observation that the A-Wing pilot she'd shot down had been trained at the Imperial Academy. Quell then started to air her doubts but then promptly cut herself off and excused it as a stupid joke. She told Graw to tell Ganem Kahi that he owed Quell one, before Quell stalked off, leaving Graw to herself.[3]

As Operation: Cinder began two weeks after the Battle of Endor, Shadow Wing was ordered to destroy the planet of Nacronis. Quell carried out her orders and destroyed the planet, but felt tremendous guilt afterwards. Keize found her, and told her to finally defect to the Rebellion. After defecting, Quell was taken to Traitor's Remorse, along with twelve thousand other defectors who were processed at the base. While the New Republic was wary of her, she was deemed a low-value target, as she did not possess any classified or useful information; the New Republic was under the impression that she defected during Operation: Cinder, and tried to stop the attack. The reprogrammed Imperial IT-0 droid used by New Republic Intelligence agent Caern Adan was convinced that Quell was lying about something.[1]

Adan approached Quell to discuss the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing with her, and to share with her that he was beginning a task force to neutralize the group. He stated that he would approach her again when he decided if he would like her on the team or not and that she should have an answer ready. Later, she went to Warren to try to "swap rumors" and try to get information about Caern Adan. While she was there, a bomb exploded, and she rescued a brand new defector, who she thought was "a bastard" because he arrived with a group of defectors that took too long to defect in her eyes.[1]

Searching for Shadow WingEdit

Alphabet Squadron Patch

Quell had the Alphabet Squadron crest tatooed on her biceps.

Quell accepted the job with Caern Adan to join the task force. Her first task was to recruit Nath Tensent, who had defected along with his entire squadron before the destruction of Alderaan after getting caught accepting bribes from pirates, from the trading outpost known as the Entropian Hive to join the task force. The mission was ultimately successful, though Tensent didn't agree to join until Adan quietly bribed him. Several days later, Quell discovered while searching for Shadow Wing that they had attacked a New Republic ship, the Hellion's Dare, and killed almost all of the squadron pilots defending it except the two that escaped, Wyl Lark and Chass na Chadic. Both pilots joined Adan's working group, and after a couple weeks, the five of them were invited onto the Lodestar, where General Hera Syndulla agreed to let them search for Shadow Wing.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Quell was a human female[3] who, along with the rest of Alphabet Squadron, was attempting to find their place in the galaxy. She had an extremely good memory. Not long after its formation, Quell had the Alphabet Squadron crest, that adorned their ships, tattooed on her biceps.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Quell was a skilled pilot, as she flew for the elite 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. She was highly familar with flying a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter, thanks her training at the Imperial Academy and combat experience with the Imperial Navy. Quell was also able to pilot an X-wing starfighter but the controls and idiosyncracies of the X-wing were less familar to her and flying one was not as comfortable as a TIE fighter.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Cover pilot: Yrica Quell, Imperial defector. She flies an X-wing. What's Alphabet Squadron doing? Tracking down a mysterious lethal force of TIE fighters. Who told them they could do that? New Republic General Hera Syndulla. She's kind of a big deal."
―Del Rey on Twitter[src]

Yrica Quell appeared in Alphabet Squadron, a canon novel written by Alexander Freed that was released on June 11, 2019.[4] She was first revealed by Del Rey on Twitter when they released the official cover of the novel with some story details.[4]



Notes and referencesEdit

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