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This squadron was one of six squadrons that formed the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, a fighter wing commanded by Colonel Shakara Nuress of the Galactic Empire. The squadron was led by Captain Nosteen, with Lieutenant Yrica Quell, after only fourteen weeks of her joining the squadron, was his second in command. They participated in the destruction of Nacronis as part of Operation: Cinder.[1]


Destruction of NacronisEdit

During Operation: Cinder, Shadow Wing received orders from one of the Emperor's messenger droids to destroy the planet Nacronis. With instructions from Major Soran Keize, Captain Nosteen led his squadron of TIE fighters in escorting TIE bombers into the planet's atmosphere, while Keize's own squadron were to intercept the rebel defenders. Tonas died first, protecting a bomber, by positioning his ship between the bomber and an X-wing, which Yrica Quell subsequently destroyed. Barath died next, destroyed by an undetected surface-to-air missile. The escorted bombers successfully delivered payloads of vortex detonators, which were customized explosives programmed to increase the fury of the siltstorm forming in Nacronis's atmosphere. As gales buffeted each TIE, Nosteen died when he was hit by a lightning bolt, leaving Quell in charge of the remaining pilots in the squadron.[1]

By the time their mission was complete, all the planet's storms had merged and the enemy finally stopped attacking. After the bombers returned to the Star Destroyer Pursuer, Quell remained to observe the devastation from above, unchallenged by any of her superiors for this strange behaviour. When the storms subsided, she took a closer look and even landed to climb out of her TIE, claiming repairs were needed. Feeling guilt for what Shadow Wing had just done, and subsequently talking to Keize, who had also landed nearby and felt sympathy for Quell, it was at this moment that became the turning point for her defection to the New Republic.[1]


  • Captain Nosteen (KIA)[1]
  • Lt. Yrica Quell[1]
  • Barath (KIA)[1]
  • Hastun[1]
  • Tonas (KIA)[1]
  • Xion[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
  • Unidentified TIE pilot[1]
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