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The Ysanna were a humanoid race who resided in the wastelands of the planet Ossus. They wore tribal masks and depended on the native kirruk, residing in the nitrogen-rich valleys near the Eocho Mountains. Farming was their main source of food, though hunting with concussion bows became increasingly useful. The Ysanna possessed a level of sensitivity in the Force, able to influence the projectiles of their concussion bows and feeling a duty to protect Ossus's Jedi ruins. The shamans of the Ysanna were known as storm shepherds, and learned to predict the planet's lightning storms. The race spoke the Ysannan language.[1]

According to the legendary Qel-Droma Epics, the Ysanna were once the human Jedi survivors of the Cron Supernovae, which devastated Ossus. The non-human survivors supposedly died out, and the remaining Jedi were forced to band together to survive the devastated wastelands of the planet.[1]

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