Yubicon was Roy Teda's chief of staff on the planet Romin.

General Yubicon led the defense against the Citizens' Resistance, which, during the Jedi mission to Romin in 24 BBY, launched an assault on "Great Leader" Teda's corrupt, oppressive regime. Yubicon escaped the conflict, however, with Teda and the galactic criminal and mad scientist Jenna Zan Arbor.

Later, when the Jedi cover of impersonating the Slam gang was blown, and Zan Arbor had confiscated their lightsabers and they were being escorted into a Romin prison, Yubicon was knocked out cold by Jedi Siri Tachi when the Jedi struck back to recover their lightsabers and break out of a prison they'd scarcely spent time in.

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