«You again? Why don't you go bother someone else. It's not like I owe you money or something.»
―Yuka Rill, to Revan[src]

Yuka Rill was a male Ithorian swoop racer who lived in Anchorhead in 3956 BBY. In 3958 BBY, he was involved in a large crash during a race on Taris. He had the top time of the second-tier. Rill had raced for many years, but rode an aging swoop. He had a few trophies, but he believed he should have quit after the Coruscant Classic. Rill told Revan that he believed that Nico Senvi had a future, but warned that some promoter would use Senvi, and leave him in debt, similar to the situation that as he found himself with Motta.

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Behind the scenesEdit

When the player meets Rill, he has little to say. The one interaction that affects the character in any way is to say to Rill, "Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm here for money." At this point, if the player has high persuasion, Rill can be convinced to give a small amount of credits. Conversely, the player may also Force persuade Rill. Using Force persuade gives you dark side points, despite the fact both options involve trickery.


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