"And then there was Yula Braylon, a seeker who had brought many of the Order's new recruits to the temple doors."
―Dooku recounting his past to Asajj Ventress[src]

Yula Braylon was a female Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi High Council and also served as a seeker, searching the galaxy for initiates to recruit into the Jedi Order. During her years as a seeker, Braylon had a son named Arath Tarrex, who became an initiate at a young age. However, his heritage was unknown to the Jedi Order for decades. Braylon had herself assigned to train Jedi younglings in order to keep a watchful eye on her son.[1]

During a festival on Serenno, Braylon accompanied Masters Tera Sinube and Yoda, along with several Jedi younglings which included Dooku and Sifo-Dyas. Both she and Master Sinube rushed to Master Yoda's aid when the youngling Sifo-Dyas accidentally knocked into Yoda.[1]

Braylon eventually lost her seat on the Jedi High Council when it was discovered that Arath was her son; he had become a corrupt Jedi who robbed an ambassador on one occasion in order to pay for his gambling debts, and had even used his mother's position to help cover his debts.[1]

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Yula Braylon first appeared in the audiobook Dooku: Jedi Lost, written by Cavan Scott and published in 2019. She was voiced by Rebecca Soler.[1]

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