"To you, Yun-Yammka, accept those lives. In return for that gift, grant us success."
Tsavong Lah[1]

Yun-Yammka, the Slayer, was the god of war of the Yuuzhan Vong. Yun-Yammka was worshiped by the warrior caste, and was the one who taught the Yuuzhan Vong the importance of blood sacrifices. Every appeal to him was accompanied with a death sacrifice, except the morning and evening prayers.

All Warmasters were remodeled in his image. In statues and other forms of art, however, his physical appearance was that of a yammosk. The warriors were fanatical in their devotion to him, with some warriors even placing him before Yun-Yuuzhan in terms of importance. In Yuuzhan Vong religion, Yun-Yammka was often paired with Yun-Harla as the Twin Gods.

Despite Yun-Yammka's importance in Yuuzhan Vong culture, he was not one of their native deities. The priest caste created him when the Yuuzhan Vong became warlike. He was served by the Order of Yun-Yammka.

Yun-Yammka was also considered to be the patron of prefects. Some philosophers believed he sometimes worked against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Onimi believed that the spirit of Yun-Yammka dwelt in Luke Skywalker.

Yun-Yammka and his sister Yun-Harla were celebrated and honored in the Festival of the Twin Gods, a Yuuzhan Vong holiday.



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