Yuon Par was a female Human Jedi Master serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Cold War with the reconstituted Sith Empire.


A Force-sensitive female Human, Yuon Par was brought into the Jedi Order at a young age. As a student, Yuon Par went with Cin Tykan, Eriz Vossan, Sidonie Garen, Duras Fain, and Parkanas Tark during a mission to explore the planet Malachor III. However, during the mission, they encountered Terrak Morrhage, the spirit of the ancient Sith Lords who pulled the Jedi under his spell. Both Par and Fain succumbed to the influence of the spirit, giving into their passions for one another. Before falling, she and the Jedi expedition managed to escape the planet when her friend Parkanas, the youngest member of the group, was left behind. Over the years during the Great Galactic War, Yuon rose to the rank of Jedi Master at the end of the war.[1]

Training as a Consular, Par became a respected scholar, specialized as an archaeologist and recognized as responsible for the reclamation of the lost Gharnus Texts and a holocron crafted by Master Odan-Urr.[1]

As well as her research into the prehistory of the Jedi Order, Master Par was a skilled diplomat and successfully negotiated peace between warring clans of Gamorreans and became the bloodsister of a Kaleesh chieftain, all through her works in the field. When the Jedi Order was forced to relocate to their ancestral homeworld, Tython, following the sacking of Coruscant, the loss of the Jedi Temple there, and the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Master Par began teaching a class on the history of the Order to Initiates at the new Temple there.[1] She, Gnost-Dural and other Jedi scholars studied the ruins and uncovered new information about the lost pre-history of the Order.[2]

At one time, during her studies, Par met the Trandoshan Qyzen Fess on Belkadan. He traded whatever he found in some ruins for snake-bite medicine. Since then, they had become close friends, though some of the Jedi put that into question.[1]

In 3643 BBY, Yuon Par and Jedi High Council Member, Master Syo Bakarn greeted a young Padawan, whose Force powers manifested at a very early age. She apologized to the Padawan for been late since she was working a lot on her archaeological inquiries. After her introducing herself, she explained to her apprentice about an urgent matter: a team of Jedi researchers had recently uncovered several teaching holograms that were made by the founders of the Jedi Order—in the region known as the Tythonian Gnarls. However, the researchers encountered the native Flesh Raiders that started to rampage through the region and failed to retrieve the hologram projectors of Cala Brin, Garon Jard, Ters Sendon, and Rajivari. Her apprentice was successful in defeating the attacking Flesh Raiders and retrieved three of the projectors. However, the fourth hologram projector of Rajivari had been stolen. Par was concerned of this, but she knew that Flesh Raiders were not known for stealing artifacts. She instructed her apprentice to meet her back into the Jedi Temple.[1]

After her apprentice completed her trials and defeated the Dark Adept, Nalen Raloch, Yuon Par proudly pronounced her pupil a Jedi before the Council. Then suddenly, she collapsed while in mid-sentence. Yuon was transferred to a medical facility on Coruscant in the Senate Tower. When the Consular and Qyzen later arrived on the Republic capital, they entered to find Yuon muttered incoherently about Parkanas Tark and a darkness that was coming, which would slowly turn her to the dark side. Hoping to find a cure to her illness, the Consular sought out the Noetikons. After recovering the Noetikon of Science and Light, the Consular was called back to the Senate Tower, as Yuon had attacked one of her caretakers. Her illness had worsen, as she failed to recognize Qyzen and her own Padawan, the illness convincing her that they fell to Flesh Raiders, and attacked them as well. The duo managed to subdue her before locating the Noetikon of Secrets. Bringing the Noetikons to the ruined Jedi Temple, the Consular discovered and learned a shielding ritual, which they used to cure Master Par, causing her insanity to fade. Yuon and her Padawan exchanged words before the Consular was called upon by the Council. Yuon had a short time to rest before her Padawan returned to her side, informing her that the Consular had been assigned by the Council to track down all the Jedi Masters affected by the plague.[1]

Yuon returned to Tython when her Padawan, successful in shielding all the afflicted Masters, was in session with the Council, ditching the Padawans assigned to watch her. She agreed with the Consular's theory that the plaguemaster, Lord Vivicar, was Parkanas Tark, in contrast to the Council's skepticism. She then suggested to her pupil that they drop the shielding ritual on her so she can invert the link between herself and Vivicar in hopes of finding his location. However, this had the result of Vivicar possessing her and attempted to force Yuon to kill her own Padawan. The Consular managed to overcome her, breaking Vivicar's control. Yuon then gave the coordinates and security code for Vivicar's starship before begging her former pupil to end her suffering. The Consular refused, instead restoring the shielding on Yuon.

After the Consular managed to redeem Vivicar as Parkanas and end the threat of the madness plague, Yuon and the other afflicted Masters were restored to full health. Yuon watched proudly as her pupil was granted the title of Barsen'thor, Warden of the Order.

Personality and traits[]

A staunch supporter of the Jedi Order and devout in her pursuit of history, Master Yuon Par was considered somewhat unorthodox by her peers but was well respected,[1] although her friendship with a Trandoshan, Qyzen Fess, was frowned upon. She was considered eager by Master Bakarn.

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Yuon Par was voiced by Olivia Hussey, an actress well known for her role of Juliet in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet. She also voiced some minor characters in other Star Wars games, such as Force Commander and Rogue Squadron.

After Yuon was affected by the plague, during the first duel between her former apprentice and her she wielded a lightsaber with a yellow blade, but during the second duel after the future Barsen'thor's arrival to Tython to meet with the Council, she wielded a blue lightsaber.



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