"She came across as a generally good person, although I realize this was long ago. I am not totally convinced she is intentionally disrupting the search for Alliance safe worlds, but we should consider questioning her next time she appears."
Lieutenant Lak Sivrak's intelligence report on Yurdak Fav.[src]

Yurdak Fav was a female Shistavanen scout.


Yurdak Fav was born in the Uvena system, particularly in Inner Uvena as could be shown by her bright yellow eyes. She was the youngest of a long family of Republic scouts who could be traced to her great-great-grandmother. Following her steps, Fav served in the Republic Survey Corps.

The declaration of the Galactic Empire led many Shistavanens to leave the Corps. Fav was one of those newly unemployed scouts.

Sometime before 11 BBY, Fav and Lak Sivrak were contacted by the Uvena System Constabulary. They were asked to search missing Alpha Premier Korta Sac, who was eventually found murdered inside the Jenet embassy. Afterward, Fav and Sivrak spent a time together and with other scouts before returning to their respective warrens. Sivrak kept a good impression on Fav.

She was then seen following Rebel Alliance scouts, always with a new ship (including the Zol-Uvena). As those scouts were looking for potential safeworlds, Fav's presence made them rule out those worlds as unsafe, which eventually led to a dearth of Rebel safeworlds.

She never attacked any Rebel, and the Rebel Alliance never could proof any Imperial forces in the safeworlds identified by Fav. However, the Alliance considered her a potential threat to be dealt with; and old acquaintance Lak Sivrak wanted to question her.

The following time she was identified, a team of Rebels tried to meet with her and discuss an agreement. She was captured by slavers, probably the Mytaranor Slaving Council, and the Rebels tried to rescue her due to her knowledge.


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