"Cadets are the property of the Empire. They may leave this academy as a trained weapon, or—"
"—as a corpse. Keep hearing that."
―Yurib Nakan and Han Solo[1]

Yurib Nakan[3] was a male human[1] flight instructor[4] at the Galactic Empire's Carida Academy. He oversaw the training of TIE fighter pilot cadets, including future Rebel Alliance General Han Solo.[1] During the Battle of Howlan, Nakan led the fighter wing into battle.[3] After one his cadets, who was assigned to the infantry after being grievously wounded, Beilert Valance, was mustered out, Nakan met with him and told him he got to do what few did—retire.[5] Nakan was still in service at Carida Academy[2] some time after the Battle of Hoth.[6] Days before the Battle of Endor, he gave transfer orders to his two top cadets Bansu Ro and Rac Syrmo, telling them that the Imperial Navy was activating their entire class into full military service.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

Yurib Nakan first appeared, albeit only in a starfighter, in the comic Han Solo - Imperial Cadet 1, written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Leonard Kirk, and published by Marvel Comics[7] on November 7, 2018.[8] Nakan appeared physically, and his forename was provided, in the following issue, also written by Thompson, illustrated by Kirk,[1] and published on December 12, 2018.[9] Nakan's surname was given in the series' fifth issue, written by Thompson, illustrated by Kirk,[3] and published on March 13, 2019.[10]


Yurib Nakan

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