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"I met my old master. He… he cried when he saw me. I was embarrassed to see his weakness. Old habits die hard. But… it felt good, too. It felt good to know he missed me, that he worried about me."
―Yuthura Ban[src]

This male was the Jedi Master of Yuthura Ban.


Yuthura was discovered by the Jedi Master on a desolate world, having been abandoned there by the crew of a cargo ship she had stowed away on to escape from Sleheyron, and her life as a slave. Recognizing her Force potential the master took Yuthura to Dantooine, to be trained as a Jedi, taking the young Twi'lek as his Padawan. The partnership would not last long, however, as Yuthura, consumed with hatred towards the slave trade, and infruiated by the Jedi's apathy toward it, left the Order, eventually joining the new Sith Empire of Darth Revan and Malak. Yuthura returned to the Jedi after being redeemed by a reformed Revan and upon seeing his old apprentice, the Jedi wept.[1]


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