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The Yuzzem were large, heavy, furred humanoids with long snouts and large black eyes. Their homeworld was the forested planet Ragna III. They were quite strong and temperamental. They fought fiercely, and their large size made them hard to subdue. Yuzzem also adhered to strict codes of honor and debt-fulfillment.[1]

Because of their strength and intelligence, many scientists believed the Yuzzem to be distant relatives of the Wookiees.[1]


Yuzzem EGTA

A Yuzzem.

During the Separatist Crisis preceding the Clone Wars, at least two Yuzzem guards were in employ of Bossban Soergg Vosadii Bezhin who had strong ties with the Separatists.[5] Afterward, the Confederacy of Independent Systems used them to fight on Aargonar.[6] The Galactic Empire enslaved the species as they had done to the Wookiees and were employed for heavy labor such as mining. However, because of their strength and their ill-temperament, the Imperials had trouble making them work as slaves.[1] The species also had long hangovers due to their massive size.[4]

During their adventures on Mimban searching for the Kaiburr crystal, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa were helped by two Yuzzem, Hin and Kee. Both were slain by Darth Vader.[4]

In 44 ABY, a Yuzzem Jedi Master, Barratk'l, joined the Jedi High Council.[3]

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