Yve was a human female officer who served as a Senior Lieutenant and Starfighter Commander in the Imperial Navy. Upon arriving at Botajef, the Chimaera was met by two CR90 corvettes and seven squadrons of V-19 Torrent starfighters commanded by Governor Quesl. While Commodore Thrawn distracted Quesl with a fake law, Yve dispatched TIE fighters to take out the turbolaser emplacements at the Governor's palace. Thrawn also activated the Chimaera's tractor beam, trapping the corvettes. Thrawn's actions exposed Quesl's plot to goad the Imperials into destroying his palace and the Jefi art collections in order to cover his plan to escape offworld with the stolen art. Using his knowledge of Jefi psychology, Thrawn was able to use this revelation to discredit Quesl's legitimacy and force his surrender.[1]


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