"Welcome to the Galactic Moon Festival! What can I do for you friend? A costume perhaps? Or some trinkets courtesy of the benevolent Jabba the Hutt?"
―Z'ozpheratu to a Galactic Moon Festival celebrant[src]

Z'ozpheratu was a male Twi'lek. He helped organize the Galactic Moon Festival in Mos Eisley and Moenia around the year 1 ABY in the name of Jabba the Hutt himself. During the Galactic Moon Festival he received the visitors of the planet and the tourists of other planets. He was well known for transform into skeletons, phantoms and Kowakian monkey-lizards celebrating that party in an "usual" way.[1] Some of his most recognizable features were his glowing yellow eyes.[1]


  • SWG logo sm Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (First appearance) (Galactic Moon Festival Events 2008 - 2011)


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