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The Z-10 Seeker-class scout ship was a scout ship manufactured by Starfeld Industries.


Z-10 Seeker schematics

It was 20.3 meters long, carrying 1 pilot, 2 passengers, 2 months worth of consumables, 5 metric tons within the ship, and 20 optional additional metric tons of cargo per each of two cargo pods attached.[1]

The ship could achieve a speed of 1000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. A Miradyne Limited RCS-1 flight control computer and Novaldex JV-71 ion engine allowed sublight speed, which was slowed down and reduced in maneuverability if the cargo pods were attached. The ship had a Class 1 hyperdrive and a Class 12 backup.[1]

Though unshielded, the craft had a Fabritech ANx-y/2 sensor cluster and a forward BlasTech Industries Prm-3 pulse laser cannon. The cannon was under-powered and could only fire in a limited forward-facing arc. Targeting was provided by the Fabritech sensor, but this meant that if it wasn't working, the vehicle was defenseless.[2]

The Seeker was created as a replacement to the Vangaard Industries Pathfinder.[2] It was used as a scout by the Scout Force or as a courier in the Outer Rim by private interests and criminals.

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