"I'm Arakyd Industries Security droid Z-58-0, Twi'lek"

Z-58-0 security droid, or Zeeo, was a floating security droid manufactured by Arakyd Industries that once worked for Black Sun.


Z-58-0 shield

Zeeo with shield enabled

He became the companion of mercenary Rianna Saren after he saved her from a Black Sun smuggler; she removed his restraining bolt, and he offered her his database on Imperial computer systems. Zeeo worked alongside Rianna during her battle against the Imperial slaver Zarien Kheev, and her investigation of the Death Star project and proved himself to be very useful. On Coruscant, he helped Rianna to steal an Imperial shipment; on Alderaan he sliced the main computer of the Agricultural research vessel and gathered the intelligence on it's purpose; on Mustafar he set the main drilling shaft on overdrive; on Tatooine he helped Saren to defeat the rancor; on Despayre Zeeo downloaded the Imperial codes that allowed them to escape the Death Star and on Danuta he saved Rianna by sacrificially taking Zarien Kheev's final shot. He also opened numerous doors, deactivated alarms and force fields. Zeeo was also a good fighter, being capable to stun the enemies with electricity and equipped with a powerful weapon–the Dual Cannon

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The multiplayer feature in Lethal Alliance allows players to use multiple droids from Zeeo's class.


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