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"A big gun doesn't make a big man."
―Fives to Hevy during the Battle of the Rishi moon[src]

The Z-6 rotary blaster cannon was a blaster cannon used by the Galactic Republic[2] and the Separatist Alliance[3] during the Clone Wars. Later, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, these weapons were used by both the Imperial Army's Heavy Weapons Stormtroopers and Rebel Alliance's Heavy Soldiers during the Galactic Civil War.[4]


The Z-6 was a powerful and rapid-fire weapon for Republic troops during the Clone Wars.[5] Heavy Gunners were specialized clone troopers who used the Z-6.[6]

During the Battle of the Rishi moon, clone trooper CT-782 used a Z-6 to defend the station before sacrificing himself to warn the Republic to stop a Separatist attack on Kamino.[5] During the Battle of Umbara, clone trooper Hardcase used a Z-6 blaster cannon.[7] At the Battle of Ringo Vinda, the 501st Legion and Clone Commander Doom's unit relied heavily on the Z-6 to attack Admiral Trench's forces.[8] When the Republic invaded Scipio, Commander Thorn used a Z-6 nicknamed "the Hammer."[9] By the Imperial Era, Imperial Swamp troopers, including Korso, used the Z-6 during the Mimban campaign.[10]

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Korso firing his modified Z-6 rotary blaster cannon during Mimban campaign.

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