The Z-95mk1 Headhunter, also known as the Z-95 Mark I Headhunter or Z-95 S Headhunter, was the first model in the Z-95 Headhunter series produced by Incom/Subpro. An atmospheric fighter craft, it was outfitted with a bubble-cockpit, swing-wings and had twin engines on its forked tail. Weapons hardpoints were located on the fighter's wings and fuselage.

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The Z-95s featured in Han Solo at Stars' End were envisioned by author Brian Daley as being "a Lucasfilm version of the P-38 Lightning."[5]

Z-95mk1s in the Han Solo at Stars' End comic.

In the newspaper comic strip adaptation of Han Solo at Stars' End, collected in Classic Star Wars and formerly available on Hyperspace as a webstrip, the Mark I Headhunters that Han Solo and the outlaw techs fly are pictured quite differently (as seen at left) from the later illustration from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook (shown above.)

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