"Now we will vanquish any who still hold to his ways... who will not serve the Imperial cause! As the Empire rules the galaxy, Droid World is ours to command!"
―A Z-X3 unit, inciting rebellion on Kligson's Moon[src]

The Z-X3 experimental droid trooper was a crimson[2] battle droid developed by TaggeCo during the Imperial era.[1]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Z-X3's mutiny

The Z-X3 was designed to work under extreme planetary conditions even stormtroopers couldn't survive such as radioactive environments and outer space.[1]

It was similar in design to the earlier L8-L9 model developed by TaggeCo during the Clone Wars,[1] though its outer plating was designed to resemble stormtrooper armor. The Z-X3 had no built-in weapons, so it carried a blaster rifle or Briletto AAP-IV blaster box on its chest. It also featured increased agility and maneuverability.

After the Z-X3's rejection by the Empire, two new stormtrooper divisions—the Zero-G "space trooper" and Radiation Zone Assault Trooper, or "Radtrooper"—filled the niches for which the Z-X3 was designed.

History[edit | edit source]

Tagge recruited Rom Mohc to his Droid Trooper Project, which made an experimental production of seventy Z-X3's for the Imperial military. Ultimately, the Imperials were not satisfied, and with the defeat of the Separatist Droid Army fresh in the mind of Imperials, the Z-X3 was rejected. However, the model was used as a starting point for the later Dark trooper project. A small number of Z-X3 droids were sent to Imperial garrisons, but most of the units ended up serving in private installations.[1]

One Z-X3, Zee-Exthree, went on to work as a security officer for the cyborg Kligson on his space station, Kligson's Moon. In 3 ABY, he tried to kill Kligson and take over but killed a decoy instead. He was then destroyed by Kligson.[2]

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