Z. Limmer was the chief financial officer of Ororo Transportation, a thin, short, and nervous man.

In 3.5 ABY with Tuyay and Dellis Yuls, he claimed to Guri that Ororo would not presume to contend with Black Sun nor tread in Prince Xizor's territory.

Tuyay then shouted angrily that he was unwilling to "play doormat" or him any more, and that they were going to keep all credits they gain.

Hearing this from his colleague, Limmer tried to soften his words, before stopped by Tuyay.

Suddenly Guri jumped behind them and threw him at the two Gamorrean guards. Dellis Yuls pulled a small blaster but Guri broke his hand. Limmer tried to stand, but then she speared his throat with her fingertips. She later shot him in the head in order to make sure he was really dead.



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